Rubicon TV creates new spy thriller for TV 2 Norway

The title, to be written by Sebastian Torngren Wartin and Erik Ivar Sæther, will discuss the role of Norwegian spies in the 1990s Yugoslavian War


Banijay confirmed that Banijay Nordic's Rubicon TV has created a new spy thriller, "E14 Unit for Special Intel" for TV 2 Norway. The series will be written by the award-winning Sebastian Torngren Wartin and Erik Ivar Sæther.

“As my first project at the helm of Rubicon TV, I am proud to be part of the team that will lift the lid on the secret operations of Norway’s first military NATO involvement," Ivar Køhn, CEO of Rubicon TV said. "We are open to co-producing this gripping spy thriller which will expose the horror and courage apparent in war with powerful narratives and strong characters, and how, in the end, working for intelligence services means accepting the only morals are the ones that benefit your country’s mission."

"E14 – Unit for Special Intel" will be produced by Gudny Hummelvoll. Led by Ivar Køhn, Rubicon TV's slate of titles inlcudesLilyhammer, Countrymen, and Beforeigners.

"E14 – Unit for Special Intel" is based on the true story behind the creation of a secret group within Norway’s Intelligence Service in the 1990s. With the brutal civil war occurring in the Balkans, a small unit of HUMINT-agents were thrown into then Yugoslavia to collect intelligence as part of the NATO intervention. In direct contrast to Norway’s reputation as a peace-loving nation, this raw, dramatic, and emotional drama explores the impact on the individual agents and the ruthless consequences for the local informants left behind.