Sabbatical Entertainment and Veracruz Media to develop new "Cantinflas" Animated Series

The classic animated series “Cantinflas Show” is coming in its new avatar, with new episodes in 40 years, to become available beginning in the Spring of 2023.

18 MAY 2022

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Sabbatical Entertainment has landed the distribution rights to the classic animated series, “Cantinflas Show.” Veracruz Media, the worldwide owner of the rights to the series, expects the first new episodes in 40 years to become available beginning in the Spring of 2023.

The market response has been strong, as Sabbatical has already landed deals for the series with Vix and Pluto, among other leading video-on-demand or streaming platforms.“We are thrilled to be in working with Veracruz Media. In addition to representing and distributing the classic and prestigious series, we are looking forward to expanding our relationship with the production of brand-new episodes. The new episodes will capture the essence of the brilliant original comedic icon and bring new life to this generational personality,” Miguel Somoza, CEO at Sabbatical Entertainment.

"Very few distributors understand the emotional connection that this iconic character has with generations of fans which is why Veracruz Media is excited to team up with Sabbatical Entertainment for the distribution of the beloved Mexican animation classic 'Cantinflas Show.' We believe that the new episodes will be eagerly anticipated by nostalgic parents alongside a whole new, young, and international audience for great, multi-language, family enjoyment", Yolanda Machado, Manager at Veracruz Media, said.