Sabbatical Entertainment teams up with V Channels Media to distribute 50 documentaries

Through the two-year partnership, the company has committed to distributing the newly released documentaries focusing on mysteries related to extraterrestrial beings, UFO sightings, and government conspiracies.

20 JUL 2023

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Sabbatical Entertainment has sealed a new two-year partnership with V Channels Media, through which the company has agreed to globally distribute 50 newly released documentaries exploring the realm of extraterrestrial phenomena. “Sabbatical’s commitment to delivering content that is engaging and in high demand is the impetus of this strategic collaboration,” Sabbatical Entertainment CEO Miguel Somoza said.

The deal includes FAST channel rights and Linear Over-the-Air Television rights. V Channels will continue to distribute the titles on their YouTube network of channels. The one-hour, stand-alone documentaries involved in the deal cover mysteries surrounding extraterrestrial beings, UFO sightings, and government conspiracies. The episodes also feature major interviews from top UFO experts around the world.  

V Channels is a YouTube movie channels with more than 250,000,000 movies streamed every month around the globe across five different languages. The company is credited with dubbing 100 titles a month in Spanish, Portuguese, Filipino, and Bahasa. V Channels has brought many independent movies to new and never explored markets for the independent movie industry.  "V Channels is focused on the analysis of big data that we collect via our YouTube network," V Channels CEO Niccolo Messina said. "Alien documentaries are some of the highest searched documentaries within our international network and our commitment is to produce content to engage our users across the globe."

The agreement follows V Channels' recent deal with Rustic Pictures and XYZ Films to incubate, finance, produce and distribute a slate of ten micro budget, data driven, feature length genre films from a group of diverse filmmakers from around the world. Under the terms of the deal, V Channels is fully financing the ten features, with Rustic Films overseeing the curation and overseeing production of the slate, while XYZ Films serves as Executive Producers and will help with the curation, and also help facilitate premium sales and distribution for some of the films to be determined after completion. V Channels also signed a recent partnership with Sandaled id Productions to co-produce and finance another similar slate of genre films.   

Sabbatical’s commitment to delivering content that is engaging and in high demand is the impetus of this strategic collaboration.” Miguel Somoza CEO, Sabbatical Entertainment