Sabbatical Entertainment renews "Planeta de Niños" for a third season

The company's travel and culture title, "El Mundo es Tuyo," has also been renewed on Unimás. Sabbatical is also launching two new educational series.

16 MAY 2022

Miguel Somoza

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Univision Network has commissioned the third season of Sabbatical Entertainment's "Planeta de Niños," a children’s series about values, ethics, and good decision making, weaving elements of history, culture, and other important subjects into the lessons for the U.S. Hispanic audience. The series provides a fresh, engaging learning experience for young children, presented from their perspective. In parallel, Sabbatical’s travel and culture series, "El Mundo es Tuyo," has been renewed on Unimás.

As part of Sabbatical Entertainment’s focus on creating meaningful, compelling programming, they’re also announcing the production of two new series, which blend education and entertainment for teens and families alike. "Animal DNA" (26 x 22'), is a captivating wildlife series, fueled by spectacular footage of the varied species within the animal kingdom, and positive messaging around conservation and the protection of our planet and its unique animal inhabitants. Furthermore, "All The Answers" (26 x 22') is an engaging and informative series about interesting topics of all kinds – a “did you know” adventure with no boundaries. Sabbatical's new series are available immediately worldwide.

“Creating entertaining programs that also contribute to the education and betterment of the younger generation is a commitment and an honor for the entire Sabbatical team. It has been at the center of our mission as a company from the very beginning and will continue to be, going forward. We are thrilled that these shows have been well received in the global marketplace. More to come,” Miguel Somoza, CEO of Sabbatical Entertainment, said.

“As part of our commitment to bring the best-in-class educational kids programming, we are thrilled to announce we have renewed the popular shows 'Planeta de Niños' and 'El Mundo es Tuyo' for new seasons. Our long-standing relationship with Sabbatical Entertainment continues to be key in our strategy to bring entertaining and educational content to everyone in the family,” Jorge Balleste, VP of Content Partnerships and Acquisitions TelevisaUnivision, added.