14 JUN 2022

Unimas to premiere the third season of “Reto 4 Elementos: Naturaleza Extrema”

The Adventure Reality Competition is set to debut on the network on 27 June at 8PM ET.

14 JUN 2022

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Unimas recently announced the return of "Reto 4 Elementos: Naturaleza Extrema." A new season of the drama is scheduled for 27 June at 8 PM ET on the network. The show features 24 famous contestants, divided into teams of TV hosts, comedians, influencers, fitness personalities, models, and actors, ready to conquer the air, earth, fire, and water. They will compete in four new course obstacles featuring over a hundred extreme challenges all set in La Guajira, Colombia.

The celebrity contestants set to participate include a variety of TV hosts, comedians, influencers, models, and actors, including Juan José Ulloa, Melina Dionyssiou, Caro Weigend, and Chano Jurado, Sergio Ochoa, Ceci Flores, Archie Balardi, and Mariazel, Rodel Wapayaso, Inna Moll, Elaine Haro, Alexis Omman, Nicola Porcella, Ana Corral, Maria José Suárez,  Christian Anoceto, Erick Bolivar, Ingrid Aver, Mariana Bayón, Daniel Geithner, Carlos Farrera, Susy Lú, Haydee Navarra, and Raúl Coronado.

This season, Montserrat Oliver will return as host, joined by second-season winner Adrián Di Monte as co-host, and José Figueroa as the backstage host. In addition to his co-host role, Adrián Di Monte will also serve as the “León de la aldea” (The lion of the village), a super contestant that will challenge the famous participants prior to the elimination round. Those who can defeat him will receive special benefits. The competition will also feature, for the first time, two winners, a male and female master of the elements. In the new season, Figueroa also joins Arana Lemus in the digital show "UNIMÁS Password," which will feature exclusive content from the reality. UNIMÁS Password is available on the network’s social media accounts, UNIMÁS.com, and its YouTube channel.