Sebastien Rossi named Creative Director of Gaumont's Animation, Kids & Family division

In this new role, Rossi will work closely with Gaumont Animation executives to develop and produce leading series and films for the global market, originating from France and Europe.

7 JUN 2024

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Gaumont announced the promotion of Sebastien Rossi to Creative Director of Gaumont's Animation, Kids & Family division. In his new role, where he will report to Terry Kalagian, President of Gaumont Animation, Kids & Family, Rossi will work closely with Gaumont Animation executives to develop and produce leading series and films for the global market, originating from France and Europe. He will also work closely with clients and buyers to deliver premium content that their audiences will love. Rossi will continue to expand his current responsibilities overseeing visual development.

With over 2 decades of experience in the animation and special effects industry, Rossi, who has specialized in CG supervision, blending a passion for visual art with technical expertise, had been serving at Head of CG as Gaumont. Prior to Gaumont, Rossi gathered experience as a CG and FX artist and ultimately graduated to supervise such award winning content as “Arcane” (Fortiche / Riot, Netflix), “Zombillenium” (Maybe Movies), and “Asterix and the Mansion of the Gods” (SND). Over the past 20 years, Rossi has leant his expertise to such companies as Illumination McGuff, Mikros Animation and TeamTO.

Kalagian said: “I am so excited to promote Sebastien into this senior role. He has already proven to be a fantastic and generous creative leader on the team and I have no doubt that his vision and expertise will help navigate us into the exciting future in animation.”

Rossi stated: "It is a tremendous honor to step into the role of Creative Director at Gaumont under the inspiring leadership of Terry Kalagian. This promotion signifies an exciting new chapter in my journey, building on my deep passion for visual storytelling".

In addition to this new promotion, Gaumont Animation, Kids & Family is announcing new projets. The division will be bringing four new comedies for 6-11 year olds to the upcoming Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

“Agent 9” is the meeting of “Zootopia” and “Get Smart”. Based on the graphic novel series from prolific feature film / television artist James Burks, this action-packed, self-aware spy comedy follows our hero, Agent 9, a courageous but comically flawed secret agent who thwarts the diabolical plans of the evil organization known as ‘Division’. Each 11-minute episode will follow Agent 9 on a different mission. A funny and spectacular cartoon that pays homage to traditional spy themes and superhero adventures.

“Fortune Falls”, co-produced with Scholastic Entertainment, takes place in a curious town where luck is real and 11-year-old Sadie Bleeker finds herself on the wrong side. Soon she will take the all-important test of luck that will determine her future... if she lets it. Sadie endeavors to challenge fate, challenge superstition, unlock the secrets that bind Fortune Falls, and discovers that the greatest adventures come from defying the odds. Based on the book written by award winning author, Jenny Goebel.

“Ash”, co-produced with Studio 100, is a comedic, modern fairy tale. Thirteen-year old Ash, discovers that she's half-human and half-fairy when she starts spouting strange and hilarious magical powers and realizes that she's going through Faria, puberty for fairies. On top of that, she sets off in search of the magic hazelnut wand that will change her parents back to humans, while trying to stop her aunt... who, of course, is an evil fairy.

“Snapdragon”, based on the acclaimed graphic novel by Kat Leyh (Lumberjanes), follows a lonely 12-year-old girl, Snapdragon, who moves to a strange new town... where even stranger things happen. A dark comedy series (a cross between “Wednesday” and “Gravity Falls”) where Snap meets unexpected friends who help her unravel the strange mysteries that seem to follow her throughout her new adventure.