Sinking Ship and Comedian Samantha Bee to produce a new kids series

"Best Day Ever" is a new children’s sketch comedy series created by producer, director, writer Allana Harkin and it will be presented at MIPCOM.

30 SEP 2022

Samantha Bee

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Canada’s Sinking Ship Entertainment (SSE) has partnered with Swimsuit Competition, the production company led by Samantha Bee ("Full Frontal with Samantha Bee") and Kristen Everman, on "Best Day Ever", a new children’s sketch comedy series created by Emmy Award-winning producer, director, writer Allana Harkin. The team will be taking the project to MIPCOM 2022.

"Best Day Ever" is a kids sketch show that proves that kids are not only hilarious but also run the world – in our world anyway. The series follows a style more similar to premium adult-driven sketch shows like "I Think You Should Leave" and "Key and Peele".

“With 'Best Day Ever', we are striving to make a dynamic sketch comedy series that brings kids joy, sparks their curiosity and most importantly makes them laugh,” said J.J. Johnson, Partner/Executive Producer at Sinking Ship Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to partner with Allana, Samantha, and Kristen, hilarious and talented women who were once hilarious and talented kids.”

"Eleven year old Samantha Bee just blushed so hard she fell off her banana seat bike," said Samantha Bee. “Also, she would have killed for a show like this.”