The film will be ready for debut at the end of this year. Further negotiations are projected to be made at the Marché du Film event in Cannes. A fourth season is currently being produced, set to debut next year.


 Studio 100 Film has secured sales, and will soon be presenting “The Hero of Centopia” at this year’s Marché du Film. The globally popular film based in CGI live action series "Mia and Me" is currently in the process of being produced and will debut at the end of this year.

 “The Hero of Centopia” is a co-production between Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd., and Broadvision Services Private Ltd. Constantin Film Verleih will release the movie in Germany in 2022 following its distribution agreement with Studio 100 Media. International sales are rapidly progressing with countries such as Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Taiwan, and Vietnam willing to contribute.The company hopes to seal additional deals at the virtual Marché du Film in Cannes this July.

The show, produced by Studio 100 Media GmbH, Studio B Animation Pty Ltd., and Broadvision Services Private Ltd, has been sold to over 170 countries. It was executively produced by Martin Krieger, Thorsten Wegener, Barbara Stephen, and Sriram Chandrasekaran, with Studio 100 Film serving as an international sales agent. A fourth season is currently in production and is scheduled to be released next year.

To date, three seasons of the series recount Mia’s adventures exploring with her elf and unicorn friends. The company also presented its key visual for the film, featuring Mia as the heroine and introducing Iko, her partner throughout the story, as well as several new friends and a strong opponent. As an ancient prophecy entwines around the magical gem in Mia’s bracelet, she goes on a trip to Centopia, where she must face her enemies and all struggles that come her way. 

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