10 JUN 2024

The Creators Bridge & Greatgood Media Consulting sealed a global partnership

The Brazilian sales agency and the Spanish consulting company joined forces to develop sales opportunities in intellectual properties, international co production, and distribution projects.

10 JUN 2024

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The Creators Bridge (TCB) and Greatgood Media have signed a commercial partnership agreement, where together they seek to create bridges of opportunity not only between Brazil and Spain, but all across EMEA and Asia. The consulting company Greatgood Media, founded by the senior executive German Groba (Disney & Paramount alumni) now represents in EMEA and Asia, the portfolio curated by TCB, founded by the senior executive Felipe Herz Boclin (Fox & Globo alumni), offering a wide content & formats ecosystem of Brazilian premium IP’s for production, coproduction, licensing and distribution.

Brazil is a staple as a top provider of premium contents and talents in the new global market which TCB uniquely reflects with its broad portfolio expansion, curating the best of the Brazilian creative power; ranging from book adaptation rights, screenplays, co-production, and distribution projects.“German Groba is a keen executive, sensitive to market nuances with the inweave experience, so we couldn't be happier to have a business partnership arm in Europe by Greatgood Media,” explained Felipe Herz Boclin, The Creators Bridge CEO.

Powered by deals from top Brazilian creators and producers, The Creators Bridge is curating a range of content assets oriented by market and consumer intelligence. “Brazilian culture and creativity is unique and unparalleled; always providing new, original talent and hit stories for audiences around the world. I couldn’t think of a better partner other than Felipe Herz Boclin, to have the pleasure of representing and bringing all that value to other markets,” said German Groba.