The Kitchen expands its US-based english services

With the current influx of FAST Channels, SVOD, AVOD, the need for an expansion of its Miami-based English language team has become necessary.

10 NOV 2023
Imagen The Kitchen celebra 18 años en la industria del contenido

Ken Lorber, Presidente y CEO de The Kitchen

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The Kitchen International calls Miami its home base and company headquarters. With additional studios in LATAM, Europe and the Middle East for international language services, the recognition of the industry’s need for US English dubbing has never been greater from all territories. This is because English is typically the language used to create the global template.

For over 22 years, The Kitchen has been a leader in English language dubbing. With the current influx of FAST Channels, SVOD, AVOD, the need for an expansion of its Miami-based English language team has become necessary. “We are thrilled to have some of the most talented native US English voice actors here in Miami,” Ken Lorber, President/CEO of The Kitchen explained. “Some of our team have been with us for over two decades, others have grown up with us as talent, while our casting department continues to bring in new and diverse US English voices of all ages regularly. Likewise, our English directing team all have specialties, albeit animation, music, anime, novellas, live action, etc. This assists with assigning the right director to the job.”

As a TPN Gold-badged dubbing studio, The Kitchen emphasizes security of all assets for its clients. “We take the issue of security and cyber security very seriously,” Lorber added,and have continued to expand our client base annually because of our dedication to this important issue.”

Servicing clients in translating, adapting and dubbing into English from Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, French, German, Japanese, for all formats and genres of programming, has kept the Emmy Award Winning language services studio in the forefront of the industry since its birth in 2001. “Our goal is to always offer increased capacity as required by many of our clients,” Lorber indicated, “coupled with the ability to localize content to and from most languages. Our Miami studio for the ever-increasing US English dubbing requirement, now houses 17 dub suites, and we do have the ability to add to that as required. We’re onboarding new Artistic Dubbing Directors to our team, with years of experience in all genres. We are expanding our studio hours accordingly, meeting quicker turnarounds for clients. We are constantly deepening our talent pool for all age groups.”

“The beauty of The Kitchen,” Ken Lorber added, “is that we are always ready for change. We aren’t afraid of trying something new. We like to be the first to delve into new processes, and this is the type of thinking that has kept us in the forefront of the industry for a very long time.”

Additionally, the Kitchen’s on-going, very successful, “Dubbing 101 Workshops” have contributed greatly to the training of new, native US English-speaking talent.