31 MAR 2022

The Kitchen has chosen OOONA's Integrated Solution to run its media workflow

Award-winning media localizer selects OOONA’s state-of-the-art, fully integrated, secure, online platform for its localization workflows.

31 MAR 2022
Imagen The Kitchen suma un nuevo estudio y mantiene presencia en doce países

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Media services company The Kitchen has chosen OOONA’s Integrated solution to run its media localization workflows. The Emmy Award-winning media company has studios in 14 countries across the globe. With over two decades in the business, The Kitchen has worked on thousands of high-profile subtitling, dubbing, game localization and anime projects, building a reputation for consistent quality, and has garnered exceptional brand recognition worldwide.

"Becoming a fully invested cloud facility has been at the core of our international growth plans, so as to best manage security and complexity across our global offices," says Eutdel Garcia, Vice President of Engineering & Facilities at The Kitchen International. "The partnership with OOONA is in line with this plan. The cloud-based OOONA Integrated platform allows our global studios to access projects at any given time, from anywhere, and facilitates collaboration among our staff.

“OOONA adds a great deal of value to our operation, on top of the various security layers we have in place. Our content is fully protected as there is no user option to download or manipulate it outside the platform,” explains Garcia. “It also affords us greater efficiency such as the ability to customize import and export scripts. A script loop count, for instance, is integrated into our workflow management system. OOONA Integrated also allows us to manage projects and our internal users, to track progress and project completion.”

“We are proud to be The Kitchen’s platform of choice for the production pipeline of its media localization workflows,” says OOONA co-founder and CEO Wayne Garb. The Kitchen is recognized in the industry for the high-caliber localization services it offers. We are very pleased to be providing the platform on which to complete such work and look forward to a long partnership with The Kitchen.”