The WNET Group, Terra Mater Studios and Love Nature greenlight "Big Cats, Small World"

The one-hour documentary special to roll out on The WNET Group’s Nature series on PBS in the U.S., on Love Nature globally and on Sky Nature in the UK and Italy.

19 JUN 2023

"Big Cats, Small World"

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The WNET Group’s Nature series produced for PBS, Terra Mater Studios, and Love Nature announced the greenlight of a new original commission, "Big Cats, Small World" (1x60’), the one-hour program produced by Camel Thorn Films that follows the fascinating lives of lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

“Three majestic cat species sharing the same habitat in Africa is a nature fan’s dream,” said Fred Kaufman, Executive Producer for Nature. “Our partners on the project provide the best in wildlife filmmaking and we’re excited to be working with them.”
“The stunning visual storytelling in 'Big Cats, Small World' offers a captivating account of the fierce competition and delicate balance that exists among Africa's most magnificent predators,” says Carlyn Staudt, General Manager, Love Nature. “We’re excited to be partnering with The WNET Group on this stunning program and working with the talented team at Camel Thorn Films, and Terra Mater Studios."

“Cats, cats, cats – 'Big Cats, Small World' is all about lions, leopards and cheetahs, their strategies and daily struggles to survive in one of Africa’s wildest places,” says Sabine Holzer, Head of Specialist Factual at Terra Mater Studios. “We’re delighted to announce this special and look forward to working together with the teams from The WNET Group, Love Nature and Camel Thorn Films.”
“It’s wonderful to be working with our friends from Nature and Terra Mater Studios again, and we’re excited to have Love Nature onboard for the first time,” says Robyn Keene-Young, Creative and Development Lead at Camel Thorn FIlms. “We had an incredible 15 months living alongside the cats and we can’t wait to share their stories.”

Combining powerful storytelling with the latest scientific research, "Big Cats, Small World" delves deep into the lives of three rival species, lions, leopards, and cheetahs, to reveal the strategies each has evolved to coexist in their shared world.

"Big Cats, Small World" is a production of Camel Thorn Films and The WNET Group in co-production with Terra Mater Studios and Love Nature. It will premiere in the U.S. on PBS, as part of the Nature series, and globally on Love Nature in 2024. The program will also air on Sky Nature in the UK and Italy as part of Love Nature and Sky’s expanded content partnership. Blue Ant International oversees pre-sales and licensing outside of commissioning territories.