10 JUL 2024

Thema partnered with MediaHub to expand its Turkish content offerings

The deal unites Thema's broad expansion strategy, which has accelerated with significant acquisitions across several continents in the past year, with MediaHub's experience in Turkish content.

10 JUL 2024

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Thema, a Canal+ company, has appointed MediaHub as the exclusive aggregator for all Turkish origin content in a new deal. The partnership brings into alignment MediaHub’s expertise in Turkish content and Thema’s expansive growth strategy that has picked up speed with major acquisitions spanning multiple continents over the last year. The global appeal of Turkish content underlines the strategic importance of the deal and aims to expand Thema’s Turkish offerings with MediaHub as the spearhead. Thema already supports a presence over multiple continents and oversees over 4000 hours of content and stands out with its ability to curate content that speaks to the hearts of audiences with an emphasis on cultural resonation, making Turkish content a forerunner to meet their goals.

The two companies have a history of collaboration in multiple different areas such as the joint management of Kanal D Drama channels over the past year, as well as other endeavors. As an important player in the rapid growth of Turkish content, MediaHub has emerged as a strong distribution network in 2021, but evolved into a comprehensive media organization serving all aspects of the industry from production to rights management and continues to showcase many different facets of its offerings and expertise.

Kerim Emrah Turna, Managing Director of MediaHub stated: “MediaHub supports a wide international catalog but lays its foundation on the company’s expertise and curation of Turkish origin content. We are confident this partnership will help Thema meet their goals in making quality content accessible to Thema’s target audiences worldwide. We’re pleased to explore new ways to collaborate and deepen our partnership with Thema and Canal+ through this deal.”

Thema is a distributor of pay TV channels, FAST TV channels, non linear content to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT. Thema now includes 5 subsidiaries overseas. The company represents 180 channels as well as SVOD/VOD/OTT covering a wide range of thematic and has created strong relationships with the main television platforms in Europe, in Asia, in the Middle East, in Africa and in North America, thanks to its expertise in TV content distribution, TV packaging and marketing strategy.