Toonz Media Group to produce feature film adaptation of "Santa on a Panda"

This delightful animated feature adapted from Parker Jacobs' book will be executive produced by Multi-Emmy Award-Winning Brian A. Miller.

12 FEB 2024

"Santa on a Panda"

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Toonz Media Group is producing the feature film adaptation of bestselling kids’ book "Santa on a Panda" written by Parker Jacobs of the Dumb Idea Group. It will be produced and exec produced by Multi-Emmy Award-Winning Brian A. Miller ("Adventure Time").

Based on the children’s book and song, "Santa on a Panda" will transport audiences of all ages to a holiday wonder world where Santa must team up with a most unusual ally to save Christmas. This delightful animated feature film, produced by Toonz Media Group, is a non stop adventure fun film for the whole family.

P Jayakumar, Chief Executive Officer of Toonz Media Group said: “We are thrilled to join hands with multi-Emmy Award-Winning Brian A. Miller and 'Yo Gabba Gabba' fame Parker Jacobs on this exciting project. We are convinced that 'Santa On A Panda' has all the ingredients for a global recognition and bring more accolades to this award-winning team.”

Brian A. Miller in his comment said: “With a talented creator like Parker Jacobs, and terrific partners like P Jayakumar, the Dumb Idea Group and pitch perfect writing, I know 'Santa on a Panda' will reach its full potential harnessed by top end talent and built on a Christmas wonderland made of equal parts adventure, humor and heart ; it’s a dream to be a part of building this into a time honored family tradition.”

Dumb Idea Group Statement: "Dumb Idea Group is thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with our cherished property, 'Santa on a Panda.'' We look forward to seeing a new holiday tradition through the fusion of whimsy and holiday magic. As a company that has deep roots in consumer products, and crafting visual narratives, we’re delighted to be partnering with Toonz and our amazing producer Brian A. Miller at the helm of 'Santa on a Panda’. Their passion, expertise, and commitment to the journey will be instrumental in shaping this project into a success. Get ready for a heartwarming and visually stunning adventure that will capture the spirit of the season like never before!"

Parker Jacobs Statement: “I’m a little nutty about Christmas! I have spent years collecting obscure Christmas legends, songs, and kitsch that all blend into this funny little story that is Santa on a Panda. Similar to our approach with Yo Gabba Gabba!, it all starts with a desire to entertain our own kids, the kids within ourselves, and then share it with the world. I’m thrilled to share this with you. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun.”