The Russian distributor has sold mutiple series to TOONZ Media Networks; Sensical; and Smile TV in a successful participation in MIPTV Digital 2021.

19 APR 2021


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Riki Group celebrates the successful participation in MIPTV Digital 2021 with a number of international sales. TOONZ Media Networks picked up AVOD rights for “Kikoriki” and “Pincode”. The projects will be available on MyToonz platform in India, Africa, LatAm, USA and Spain.

“We are excited to partner with Riki Group for updating our MyToonz content catalogue with two of their very strong pre-school titles – ‘Pincode’ and ‘Kikoriki’. I am sure that our young audience across the world will love watching these shows. And I hope that this is only the beginning of a long partnership with Riki for content licensing and syndication,” said P. Jayakumar,  CEO, Toonz Media Group.

In a separately deal, Common Sense Network’s new app Sensical set to be launched on Q2 2021 will show all adventures of internationally known round-shaped characters “Kikoriki”, “BabyRiki” and edutainment spin-off “PinCode” in the USA and Canada. “Safety and reliability are core values of all  Riki Group brands. We believe that Common Sense Seal of safety is an important recognition that our content corresponds to high safety standards of the international market,”  comments Mark Zavadskiy,CEO of Riki Group.

In addition, Smile TV licensed exclusive TV rights for “Pincode” and non-exclusive for “Panda and Krash” for Greece and Cyprus. Futhermore, Deagostini secured exclusive premiere rights in Italy for “Tina & Tony” and the partner will develop the project non-exclusively in the territories of Italian-speaking Switzerland, Malta, Montecarlo, San Marino and Vatican State.