The new association created through Unifrance and TV France International merge, appointed Serge Toubiana as President and Hervé Michel as President Vice President


Serge Toubiana and Hervé Michel, Unifrance Presidente and VP


The first Steering Committee meeting of the new UniFrance was held on Friday, July 2, and proceeded with the election of the President and Vice-President of the association. Serge Toubiana and Hervé Michel, who previously held the positions of President of UniFrance and President of TV France International, respectively, were elected as a duo at the conclusion of the meeting.

"We would like to thank the members of the committee for this vote of confidence. After having brought forward this new reform over recent months, a new chapter is opening up that will reap the benefits of this new union. We will serve as its guarantors, along with the association's Commissions, the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee, and all of our members, and working with the team led by Daniela Elstner", stated Serge Toubiana.

"We are committed to supporting, as a priority and as soon as the summer season has ended, the international revitalization of our two sectors of film and TV activities. This is of crucial importance in the wake of the period that we have recently experienced. At the same time, we will also launch major joint projects in the digital field and cross-media operations that will come into full force in 2022," concluded Hervé Michel.

In its new configuration, the UniFrance Steering Committee is composed of 58 members: 40 elected members, 4 statutory members, and 14 ex-officio members representing professional organizations in the two sectors, as well as the President and Vice President.

The new statutes of the association provide that, for the first two-year term, the presidency will operate as a duo representing the two sectors. Starting in 2023, the terms of all governing bodies will be increased to three years.