ViX, Secuoya Studios and William Levy Entertainment partnered on two new productions

“Arcadia” (working title), a thriller series, and “Bajo Un Volcán” (working title), a film, are set to start production later in the year.

15 MAY 2024

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ViX announced a new partnership deal with Secuoya Studios and William Levy Entertainment to develop two new projects, a series and a film, “Arcadia” (working title) and “Bajo Un Volcán” (working title) – starring Cuban American William Levy, who will also serve as executive producer. Both projects are set to start production later in the year.

“Following the success of ‘Montecristo’ in 2023, we are excited to renew our collaboration with Secuoya Studios and the talented William Levy, bringing our growing audience two compelling productions that will enhance our content offering with powerful narratives and visuals that will resonate with our subscribers,” said Augusto Rovegno, Senior Vice President of Content of ViX at TelevisaUnivision.

Sergio Pizzolante, Commercial & Distribution President, Secuoya Studios, added: “we are delighted to renew our magnificent relationship with ViX. Thanks to this agreement we will work together on two of Secuoya Studios' most ambitious 2024 projects. Having William Levy again, in his dual role as protagonist and executive producer, in 'Arcadia' and 'Under a Volcano,' his first film in Spain, demonstrates the excellent professional harmony that was established in the development of ‘Montecristo’, the series that captivated audiences last year.”

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with Secuoya and ViX again on two outstanding projects that I believe our audiences will love as much as I do. I can´t wait to return to Spain to start production,” stated William Levy.

“Arcadia” (WT) is a thriller series that narrates the story of Pablo who flees from a shattered love and violent past and, under a false identity, starts a new life with his son in Arcadia, a paradisiacal town in the Canary Islands; while the movie “Bajo Un Volcán” (WT), touches upon an untimely and forbidden love happening amid a natural catastrophe.