Warner Bros. Discovery picks up "Once Upon a Time…The Objects" for Italy

Warner Bros. Discovery Italy will air the new series on the pay TV channel Boomerang and in the free to air channel Cartoonito during the second semester of 2024.

3 APR 2024

"Once Upon a Time…The Objects"

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PROCIDIS and SAMKA have signed "Once Upon a Time…The Objects" (78x7’), the 8th brand-new acclaimed edutainment series of the Once Upon a Time… saga, with Warner Bros. Discovery Italy, which will air the new series on the pay TV channel Boomerang and in the free to air pre-school channel Cartoonito. The launch in the Italian market will be in the second semester of 2024, coinciding with the start of the school year.

In 2024, Maestro, our protean hero, returns with a new series dedicated to everyday objects, behind which lie a host of exciting and entertaining stories that he will reveal... The series is co-produced by PROCIDIS and SAMKA in association with France Televisions and HOT, with the participation of RTS and TV5MONDE.

The 78 objects cover those that have existed for hundreds of years to the most recent: the soccer ball, the drone, pants, lip balm. In a resolutely cartoonish and contemporary spirit, "Once Upon a Time… The Objects" is dedicated to making learning fun. Maestro does not lose sight of his vocation of learning, indeed a scientific committee certifies, validates and updates all the information contained in the episodes.

Since its first broadcast back in 1978, the Once Upon a Time… saga, now encompassed by the Hello Maestro brand, has never stopped being broadcast in France, translated into 80 languages, and is still aired in numerous countries. Maestro continues to be well-known in more than 100 countries. These series have become “evergreens” and a reference in educational programs all over the world.