"Once Upon a Time…The Objects" adds more global broadcasters

Procidis and Samka's edutainment series has been picked up by TV’s Minimax for multiple territories, as well as by YLE for Finland.

26 JUN 2024

"Once Upon a Time…The Objects"

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Procidis / Hello Maestro and Samka have announced new broadcast partners that have acquired the new edutainment series "Once Upon a Time…The Objects" (78x7’), from the saga "Once Upon a Time", co-produced by Procidis and Samka, with Sklan and Ka and Studio Zmei, in association with France Televisions and Hot, and the Participation ff RRS and TV5Monde.

The pay TV player TV’s Minimax (AMC Network International) has acquired the series for the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia: since May 1, 2024, Hungary: since May 26, 2024, also Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia. In addition, the Finland National Public Television YLE will air the series in the second semester 2024. They also announced a few weeks ago, the signing with Warner Bros. Discovery Italy for airing on the pay TV channel Boomerang and - for the free to air – on Cartoonito in Autumn 2024.

France Télévisions has been broadcasting since February 2024 on the Okoo Apps (the France Télévisions’ digital platform dedicated to the youth audience), and on TV coviewing kids-parents slots. The program performs very well and is in Okoo’s Top 10 kids (6-10) programs.

The series has already been launched on Switzerland’s RTS since December 30, 2023. In Israel’s Hot, the show is currently available on Hot VOD young since April 10, 2024 and on Zoom Toon since April 21, 2024; in Africa’s TV5MONDE since June 8, 2024, in Europe (with the exception of France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg) since June 22, 2024, in Asia, Pacific, Maghreb-Middle-East, U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean since June 22, 2024. Also on TiVi5MONDE targeting youth audience (U.S, Africa and Maghreb-Middle-East) since June 12, 2024 and on TV5MONDEplus since June 5, 2024.

In "Once Upon a Time…The Objects", each object gives kids the opportunity to discover different fields of knowledge (History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy), and get to know how they have played a role in the History of Humankind and shaped the world in which we live, as well as that of tomorrow!.

With rigorously accurate documentation (checked by a scientific committee) the series offers kids a form by which they are free to analyze themselves and thus retaining the information.

“When I decided to make my first series, 'Once Upon a Time...', the challenge was to create a season that would enrich the saga, not eclipse it. I wanted broadcasters and viewers to see it as part of a 90-hour fresco. It had to remain first and foremost a public service, adapting to today’s media and audiences while remaining faithful to Maestro’s DNA and philanthropic values. We are proud to present 'Once Upon a Time... The Objects', the latest addition to the Hello Maestro saga,” said Hélène Barillé, CEO and Producer of Procidis.

"After discovering that every object hides a fabulous story, children will look at their everyday lives with fresh eyes. They'll feel that knowledge is a source of pleasure," commented Samuel Kaminka, CEO and Producer of Samka.