WeMake produces "Starlight", a new musical talent show to air in Morocco

The new program will premiere on 2M channel on October 25th and Hicham Mesrar will be the host.




French prodco WeMake is currently producing "Starlight", a new and original music talent show, for Morocco 2M channel. During the auditions, the contestants (amateur or semi-professional) face a jury of five professionals. Each contestant will perform their song, accompanied by live musicians. Every performance starts in the dark, so the talent cannot be seen. If during a performance a jury member is impressed by what they hear, they can press a buzzer.

"As a French-Moroccan, I have always dreamed of returning to my family's home country with a strong and ambitious project. With the Kingdom of Morocco as one of the launching pads for our original creations to the international markets. The market has moved and successes are emerging from everywhere today, from countries that have long been prescribers such as the United States, England or Holland..., as well as from Turkey and Asia today. So why not from Africa? I am really grateful and I deeply thank 2M and their teams for their trust!" said Bouchra Réjani, producer and founder of WeMake.

Hicham Mesrar, one of the popular faces of the channel, will host the show. The jury consists of five big singing stars: Latifa Raafat, Asma Lamnawar, Nouamane Lahlou, Douzi and Aminux. "Starlight" is set to air in Morocco, on the channel 2M on October 25.

"Our country is full of talent that just needs to emerge. This format is an opportunity to highlight our culture in all its diversity: one of the public service missions of the channel. The other is also to take risks to create the event on our air. We are happy to work with Bouchra Réjani and her team to launch this brand new format as a world premiere from Morocco" said Salim Cheikh, Managing Director of Soread-2M.