With stories for different audiences, Globo strengthens its presence in the Middle East

Its presence in the region is growing and new releases are planned for the coming months. Now Globo is available on MBC's Shahid, a leading streaming service in the Arab world.


Globo’s telenovelas and series keep traveling the world, showing the strength of its stories, which connect with different cultures. A reference in content production in Latin America, the company has an increasingly constant presence in the Middle East. Through agreements with Dori Media Group and the MBC Group, there are currently nine telenovelas and series productions on air.

Globo has been intensifying the relationship with clients from the region and, as a result, has registered a historic increase in sales: In the last five years the company had a 50% increase in licensing of content for exhibition in the Middle East, in relation to five previous years.

Now Globo is available on MBC’s Shahid, the world’s leading Arabic streaming, with “Where My Heart Is” - production running for the International Emmy in the best actress category with Letícia Colin -, as well as “Aruanas”, “Cyber Victims”, “Run For Your Lives,” and both seasons of “Hidden Truths.” And there are more telenovelas to come: In November, “Once We Were Six” will be released in MBC Drama+, followed by “In Your Place,” which will be released in April 2023.

“The Middle East is an important territory for Globo and it’s a market that has been showing a lot of interest in our products. The latest agreements with Dori Media Group and the MBC GROUP, and, consequently, the increase in our telenovelas and series being showcased, demonstrates that Globo can work with relevant themes for various groups, regardless of their place or culture, with the potential to drive audience growth in the region. We want to increase our presence in the Middle East even more, with strategic content partnerships”, says Angela Colla, Head of International Sales at Globo.

With Dori Media Group, Globo has a partnership that started in 2003, with the licensing of “The Clone.” Currently, the productions “In Your Place,” “India: A Love Story,” and “The Other Side of Paradise” are being showcased in Israel in Viva channels. The release of “Pantanal” and “A Life to Die For,” are also scheduled.

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