22 FEB 2021


The distributor has acquired global rights to the Caligari Film children’s classics with the exception of Germany and Czech Free-TV. the show was originally created and executively produced by Gabriele M. Walther for Germany’s WDR, leading to a 15.5 % market share.


ZDF Enterprises has secured global distribution rights, with the exception of Germany and Czech Free-TV, for Caligari Film’s reinvention of the popular children’s classic “Pan Tau.”  “I am delighted that we are partnering again with Gabriele, who has the magic touch when it comes to creating children’s content,” Peter Lang, Vice President ZDFE.junior said. “The longstanding relationship has enriched our catalog with successful titles like ‘Coconut,’ ‘The Little Dragon’ and ‘The Musketeers’ and we are proud to be able to offer this new enchanting series, ‘Pan Tau,’ to our global clients.”

“Pan Tau” celebrates its 50th anniversary since its first TV appearance in 1970.  Creator and Executive Producer, Gabriele M. Walther produced the series for Germany’s  WDR where it saw success with up to 15.5 % market share attracting viewers of all ages. The family entertainment titles was filmed in English with a predominantly British cast. The star of the show is Britain’s Got Talent finalist, magician, and comedian, Matt Edwards. Other actors include Hannah Chinn and Jacob Avery.

The show consists of 1426 minute episodes and 7 50-minute episodes.  In an interview with The Times newspaper,  Matt Edwards commented that the show "makes you feel something you haven’t felt since you were a child: don’t worry about life right now, things will be all right” “Reinventing ‘Pan Tau’ for today’s young viewers as well as taking the fan base of the original series on a magical journey was our goal,"  Gabriele M. Walther said. "The stories are newly developed with contemporary themes but the essence of the character remains the same. He knows no rules so always has a different perspective and wants to make the world a better place.”

The series and its main character attracted audiences of all ages around the owld. Described as Charlie Chaplin meets Mary Poppins and uses his magic powers to help the children of Westpark School solve their problems whether in the schoolyard or at home with their families.