VP Sales & Acquisitions at GoQuest Media analized the globalized production and distribution landscape and told about the election of Ukraine and Russia dramas to lead the scripted offer of the company.

4 NOV 2019

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GoQuest Media is betting for Ukrainian and Russian dramas with the aim of strength the company’s scripted portfolio. The production and distribution company is promoting the Russian drama series “Paper Pusher” and “The Policeman’s Wife” from NTV and “Ruby Ring”; “Secrets”, “Rainflower” and “Eclipse” from Media Group Ukraine.  

“We have seen great interest for these shows, specially ‘Ruby Ring’ for television channels and the rest them for OTT platforms”, affirmed Jimmy George, VP Sales & Acquisitions at GoQuest Media to Señal News. “We think that Ukraine, especially with the production growing, they are doing good dramas and the Russian becoming top boss of crimen so they are like the authority in best crime shows”, opined.

“Paper Pusher” (16x48’) follows detective Andrey Vershinin a typical pen pusher, a police archives dweller who doesn’t know how to fight or use fire weapons.  His strengths are a penetrating mind, powers of observation and attention to detail.  Transferred to a troublesome border town, he has to prove that he’s no pushover. 

“The Policeman’s Wife” (16x48’) is a provocative police drama where a perfect wife discovers that her husband is a dirty cop.  At the heart of this controversial series is a seemingly frail woman Lera, who has to man up to protect her family and her police officer husband Victor, who is strong on the surface, yet rotten inside.

“Ruby Ring” (95x45’) is a compelling drama created by KBS and tells the story of the fascinating and roller-coaster relationship between two sisters, Anna and Yana, whose lives change drastically by events that alter their destiny while “Secrets” (95x45’) created by Fremantle, unravels revelations, hidden family secrets and tests the love and strength of Katya and Mykola who have known and loved each other since they were children.

Adapted from “Tree of Heaven”, one of Korea’s most popular drama shows, “Rainflower” (8 x45) is a coming of age love story of two teenagers Nina and Andrey who become step siblings overnight and finally, “Eclipse” (8x45’) is an obsessive love story like no other produced by MGU. Svetlana and Sergei went to the same school and now as adults, Sergei's insane desire to win Svetlana’s love triggers a chain of tragic events with many aftereffects especially on the relationship between young Anya, Sergei’s daughter and Egor Svetlana’s son, who fell in love without realizing who their parents are.


“With the world becoming more globalized the language barriers are decreasing  and even the most unknown territory in this world can produce a really good show, asserted George. The executive recognized that currently exist a fierce competition with a lot of shows but its doesn’t represent a challenge for the company. “Now with OTT players on the world everybody is watching all kind of foreign shows and people tend to like more the stories than a specific language search”, said. “For us is not a challenge but with the OTT coming up its going to be more interesting in terms of people will embrace more languages, so it’s not a challenge but reach could be an issue because there are so many channels and platforms”.


GoQuest Media is currently concentrate mainly on crime thrillers and romances with family aspects and has the objetive to reach Western Europe and Latin America strongly. “That is our main focus because in the rest of the territories we are quite strong”, affirmed George.

By Romina Rodríguez