18 JUN 2024

“Young Sheldon” reached 6 billion views across all platforms

Nielsen reported that May marked record highs for streaming’s share of TV usage, as the category accounted for 38.8% of TV, with the Kentucky Derby on NBC as tops broadcast telecasts, and “Bridgerton" on Netflix led streaming with 5.5 billion viewing minutes.

18 JUN 2024

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Warner’s “Young Sheldon” achieved 6 billion viewing minutes for the month across broadcast, cable and streaming, according to Nielsen’s May 2024 report of The Gauge™. After seven seasons on CBS, the series concluded its successful run in a finale which drew 11.74 million viewers (L+7). The sitcom consistently garners considerable viewership in syndication as well, which includes runs on cable networks like TBS and Nick-At-Nite, and broad streaming availability on Paramount+, Netflix and Max. The 6 billion viewing minutes captured by “Young Sheldon” in May were split almost exactly in half between traditional linear channels and streaming platforms.

Additionally, May marked record highs for streaming’s share of TV usage, as the category accounted for 38.8% of TV, and for streaming platforms Tubi with 1.8% of TV usage and The Roku Channel with 1.5%.

Typical for this time of year, overall TV usage was down just slightly on a monthly basis (-2.4%), but a year-over-year comparison showed a slight increase in time spent watching TV in May (+1.4%). Across viewing categories, streaming exhibited the most growth, adding 0.4 pt. to its share of TV usage to record a new high watermark of 38.8%. Streaming usage climbed 8% compared with May 2023, and the category has added 2.4 share points to its share of TV.

FAST platforms (Tubi, The Roku Channel, PlutoTV) continued their momentum and each gained 0.1 pt. in May, culminating in a combined 4.1% share of TV this month. In addition to hitting platform-high shares, Tubi and The Roku Channel also showed significant year-over-year growth with Tubi usage up 43% and The Roku Channel up 36% compared with May 2023.

YouTube continued its run as the top streaming platform and tied its previous platform-best share of 9.7%, which it set in March 2024. Behind YouTube was Netflix, which maintained a 7.6% share of TV and owned this month’s most watched streaming title: "Bridgerton". Netflix released the first four episodes of the third season of “Bridgerton” on May 16, and by month’s end the iconic Netflix original had captured over 5.5 billion viewing minutes.

Broadcast viewing was elevated by “finale season” and in total the category added 0.1 pt. to account for 22.3% of TV in May. Replicating its 2023 success, the Kentucky Derby on NBC repeated as the top broadcast telecast in May with 16 million viewers—over 1M more than a year ago. Following two consecutive months of growth, cable viewing dipped 0.9 pt. to 28.2% of overall TV usage. Despite NBA playoff games accounting for the top six cable telecasts in May, the conclusion of the NCAA basketball tournament combined with fewer televised sporting events in general contributed to a larger drop in cable viewing.