24 JAN 2020


New Amazon Original series include "Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido", "La Jauría", "Colonia Dignidad", and "Noticia de un Secuestro".


Amazon has announced it has green-lit four new local original series from Argentina, Chile and Colombia, marking the first-ever locally produced Amazon Originals to launch in these countries that will also be available exclusively on Prime Video in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The four scripted series announced consist of Argentinean original "Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido" ("Iosi, The Repentant Spy"), a spy thriller to be directed by Daniel Burman ("El Abrazo Partido", "El Rey del Once") and Sebastián Borensztein ("Heroic Losers", "Chinese Take-Out"); the Chilean originals "La Jauría" ("The Pack"), directed by Lucía Puenzo ("XXY, Cromo", "The German Doctor"), and "Colonia Dignidad" ("Dignity Colony"), from producer Diego Guebel ("Caiga Quien Caiga"); and the Colombian original series "Noticia de un Secuestro" ("News of a Kidnapping"), based on the non-fiction book by Gabriel García Márquez and directed by Andres Wood ("Violeta Se Fue A Los Cielos", "La Buena Vida") and executive produced by Rodrigo García (The Affair, Six Feet Under) and AGC Television.

“We know our Prime Video audiences across Latin America are eager for local shows from the best local voices, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce these first local series for Argentina, Chile and Colombia that already have some of the most locally renowned directors and talent attached,” said James Farrell, Head of International Amazon Originals, Amazon Studios. “And in addition to delighting local audiences, we’re thrilled to be able to bring the work of these talented local writers, directors, producers and actors behind each series to an international audience of more than 100 million Prime members worldwide.”


“Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido”:  This hour-long, eight episode scripted series based on real life events follows the story of a young Argentinean intelligence agent on a mission of redemption after he infiltrates the Jewish community for several years to gather information that is then allegedly used to perpetrate two of the worst terrorist attacks in Latin American history, leaving over 100 dead. Produced by Oficina Burman, a company of The Mediapro Studio, “Iosi, El Espia Arrepentido” comes from an award-winning production team led by Daniel Burman as series’ creator and showrunner. Sebastián Borensztein is serving as director and the head writer, and Burman will also direct some episodes.

“La Jauría”: The series tells the story of a disappearance of a young girl in a Catholic school who stages a protest and unwittingly becomes the center of a police investigation that exposes a deadly online game which recruits men to commit acts of aggression toward women, brought to light when a video of her own assault goes viral after she vanishes. The series is directed by the acclaimed Lucía Puenzo, and produced by Fabula (“A Fantasic Woman”, “El Presidente”) and Fremantle (“The Young Pope”, “American Gods”).

"We are thrilled that our first project with Fabula has found a home in LATAM and Spain on Amazon. ‘La Jauría’ has been a passion project for Fabula and Fremantle, and with Amazon we feel that it has found a great platform to highlight the shows drama and ideas.  LATAM is an exciting market for us, and working on such partnerships are key to our strategy there." said, Christian Vesper, Executive vice president and creative director, global drama, Fremantle. 

“Colonia Dignidad”: It is a docuseries that explores the hidden truths behind the isolated colony of Germans and Chileans established in post-World War II Chile by infamous Nazi cult leader Paul Schäfer, and became known for torture, murder and extreme medical experiments. The limited series comes from the critically acclaimed producer Diego Guebel (“Caiga Quien Caiga”) from Boxfish TV.

“Noticia De Un Secuestro”: Inspired by real life events, the title is a six episode, hour-long limited series based on the bestselling non-fiction book of the same name by legendary writer Gabriel García Márquez, which tells the thrilling and suspenseful story about the ordeals of a small group of individuals kidnapped in 1990 by Colombian drug lords, and the extraordinary efforts of their loved ones to free them. Produced by Invercine & Wood, the series is executive produced by García Márquez’s own son, renowned screenwriter and director Rodrigo García, María Elena Wood (“Dignity”, “Mary & Mike”) along with Lourdes Díaz and Stuart Ford from US independent content studio AGC Television, part of Ford’s AGC Studios. The acclaimed Andres Wood is set to direct.