Cannes Film Festival 2024: Newen Studios launched its Meta Green Studio

The company launched a training programme for eco-production in the metaverse for professionals in the sector, starting in October 2024.

21 MAY 2024

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Following the Meta Pitch Contest, the final of which was held at the Series Mania 2024 festival, and after two years of experience in the creation and organisation of virtual meetings, Newen Studios is pursuing its ambitions in the metaverse with the creation of the Meta Green Studio. Developed in partnership with the Ecoprod label for training design and support and Manzalab, a French games specialist for gamification and immersive experiences, the Meta Green Studio offers producers and technicians access to a virtual training platform for eco-responsible filming.

This project was led by Marianne Carpentier, Director of Innovation and Technologies, and Margot Wilwertz, Metavers and AI Project Manager, under the supervision of Serge Ladron, Carbon Manager at Newen Studios, with over 15 years of experience in audiovisual production.

Marianne Carpentier, Head of Innovation and Technology, said: "We are delighted to launch this ambitious project at the crossroads of innovation and environmental responsibility, with a key objective in its first year: to double the number of professionals trained. The Meta Green Studio is further proof of Newen Studios' commitment to sustainable development and our conviction that innovation can serve CSR.”

The training is based on four pillars: An innovative format for an engaging learning experience; partnerships with training and eco-production professionals; optimal accessibility and a simple experience remotely from a computer; and reduced emissions compared to face-to-face training. There are two options: fully autonomous or accompanied by a trainer.