22 MAY 2024

Comcast's StreamSaver bundle confirmed its pricing strategy

The bundle, offering access to Netflix, Peacock, Apple TV+, will be available at $15 per month as an add-on to Comcast Xfinity TV or broadband, and at $30 per month to combine the bundled apps with NOW TV, a separate package.

22 MAY 2024

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Comcast has announced the price for its StreamSaver bundle, which combines subscriptions to Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+. As an add-on to Comcast Xfinity TV or broadband, StreamSaver will cost $15 per month. In addition, Comcast will offer Netflix and Apple TV+ to its Now TV streaming-only service, which has Peacock and 40 free, ad-supported streaming TV channels, for $30 per month. Currently, Netflix’s standard plan in the U.S. is priced at $15.49 per month, Peacock’s ad-free premium plan at $11.99 per month, and Apple TV+ at $6.99 per month.

Dave Watson, CEO of Connectivity and Platforms, Comcast, announced the details during an appearance at a Wall Street conference. “StreamSaver is a homerun for consumers who want top-tier entertainment and live sports, and for our world-class partners Peacock, Netflix and Apple who benefit from the reach and depth of our entertainment platforms and Xfinity’s marketing engine,” Watson said. “StreamSaver also reinforces the value of our broadband products, offering customers new ways to save money on streaming entertainment via the nation’s best and most reliable network in and out of the home.”

The bundle is available to both new and existing customers of Comcast's Xfinity service, as well as non-Xfinity subscribers. This move is seen as a strategic effort by Comcast to expand its market share in the increasingly competitive streaming landscape. By integrating Netflix, Peacock, and Apple TV+ into one package, Comcast is positioning itself to appeal to a broad demographic, from families to solo viewers, who are looking for comprehensive and cost-effective entertainment solutions.

Industry analysts view the StreamSaver bundle as a savvy move that could set a precedent for future collaborations among streaming providers. It represents a shift towards more bundled offerings in an effort to stand out in a crowded market. With the StreamSaver bundle, Comcast aims to draw in users who might otherwise be hesitant to subscribe to multiple streaming services due to cost.