18 NOV 2021

Cyber Group Studios enters license, merchandising deal with Retail Monster

The U.S-based licensing agency will handle all licensing and merchandising aspects of the producer/distributor's new line, beginning with the two animated children’s adventure series, "The McFire Family," and "Press Start!"


Cyber Group Studios has appointed licensing agency Retail Monster, LLC, to develop strategic licensing programs in the U.S. for two of its new CG animated kids’ adventure series, "The McFire Family," and "Press Start!." “We’re delighted to be working with the licensing and merchandising experts at Retail Monster on both The McFire Family and Press Start!,” said Pierre Sissmann, Chairman and CEO, Cyber Group Studios. 

The series, created by Sissman, is targeted at children ages 6-9. "Retail Monster has a proven track record of success in developing meter-moving consumer products programs, and we look forward to partnering with them to help establish and broaden the opportunities for these two new standout brands,”  Cyber Group Studios President, Karen K. Miller, said.

“The McFire Family and Press Start! are very engaging new series and we’re excited to be working with Cyber Group Studios to build best-in-class licensing programs that will resonate with kids and their families across the U.S,” Founder and CEO, Retail Monster,  Michael Connolly, said. “We expect to make partnership announcements very soon.”

"The McFire Family" (52 x 11) tells the story of a family of firefighters whose ancestors were the very first firefighters in history. The legacy continues with three siblings, 12-year-old Tom, 10-year-old Sparkle, and 6-year-old Jax, the next generation of “super-firefighters”, who join their parents and grandpa on exciting rescue adventures.  Together, they use cool vehicles and high-tech gear to save the day. 

Based on the best-selling book series from Scholastic, "Press Start!" is aimed at kids ages 6-11, is developed and executive produced by Emmy- winning writer and showrunner Scott Kraft, known for his role on Paw Patrol. The show. It picks up where the popular Scholastic book series of the same name leaves off. The show follows the adventures of Sunny and Rue Zaki, a dynamic brother and sister duo who discover a mysterious game controller that gives them the ability to enter the world of their favorite videogame. Inside the game world, the 52-part series show the team as they partner up to help Super Rabbit Boy save the world one eight-bit villain at a time.

We’re delighted to be working with the licensing and merchandising experts at Retail Monster on both The McFire Family and Press Start!” Pierre Sissmann Chairman and CEO, Cyber Group Studios