26 MAR 2020


The launch surpassed the USA in downloads during the first day,, with Germany topping the number of streamers, followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. The app is ranked the 7th non-gaming app consumed worldwide in 2020.


Disney+’s launch in seven European territories attracted 5 million downloads within its first 24 hours of availability. The app launched on Wednesday, 24 March, making its debut during the quarantine period for many European regions as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Disney+ is the 7th ranked non-gaming app consumed worldwide in 2020. The service is available for various leading service providers across the region, such as Sky in the UK. Disney+ is also offered by mobile providers such as O2 in the UK, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Telefónica in Spain and TIM in Italy. The European launch surpassed the U.S’s and is expected to move the service up in ranks. According to App Annie, Germany had the longest list of streamers for the app  in the market, followed by the United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. In December 2019, Disney+ users spent an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on the app per month. The statistic is comparable to other platforms, such as Netflix’s average of 4 hours and 20 minutes per month. The data reflects that Disney’s app could become one of the largest streaming services in each country where it launches.

The service offers 500 films and more than 350 series, including 26 originals. Some of the Disney+ includes original titles including The “Mandalorian,” the first-ever live-action of “Star Wars,” “Lady and the Tramp,” “High School Musical: The Musical,” and many more. As part of its launch offer, Disney released “Frozen 2” two months ahead of schedule. It will launch in France in a fortnight, two weeks later than planned after the French rollout was delayed until 7 April.