16 DEC 2021

Gusto TV to premiere "Holiday Eatz" with the chef Kimberly Lallouz

The show focuses on making fun and accessible holiday-themed meals and is set to debut on December 27.

16 DEC 2021

"Holiday Eatz"

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Gusto TV premieres the new show "Holiday Eatz" host by the Chef Kimberly Lallouz and focuses on making fun and accessible holiday-themed meals. The first episode set to release exclusively on Gusto TV on December 27, 2021, at 8 pm EST.

Each episode of "Holiday Eatz" (10×30) centers around a well-known day of celebration, whether it’s with your family (Mother’s Day), your friends (Game Day) or your community (Fourth of July) and Kimberly Lallouz has the confidence, knowledge and humour to make the audience feel like part of the family.

“'Holiday Eatz' was a labour of love, filled with excitement and joy in every episode,” says Keren Jackman, the Senior Producer at Gusto Worldwide Media. “With the addition of the talented Chef Kimberly Lallouz, we created a truly captivating new series full of laughs, great recipes, and fun in every episode.”

Making her debut on Gusto TV's international channel, Kimberly Lallouz is an ambitious restaurateur and successful businesswoman from Montreal, Canada. From opening her first business in 2010 to hosting two Gusto TV series, Chef Kimberly is ready to celebrate the holidays in style with "Holiday Eatz".