21 SEP 2020


The show was produced by Cottonwood Media and Planeta Junior. Besides the commissioner of the 52 episodes, Gulli, the series has also been sold to several other international broadcasters.


Federation Kids & Family has signed a deal with HBO Max, through which it sold all 52 episodes of “Squish” to the US SVOD service. The platform is set to start airing the series in Q1 2021.  “We are delighted to announce our first deal with HBO Max, a great partner and a superb platform for Squish,” said Monica Levy, Head of Sales, Federation Kids & Family.

The show, produced by Cottonwood Media and Planeta Junior, was commissioned by Gulli. To date, the series has also been sold to international broadcasters such as VRT and RTBF in Belgium, Wow and Quebecor in Canada, Hop TV in Israel, Tooniverse in Korea, NEOX in Atresmedia in Spain, among others.

Based on the original books by New York Times best-selling authors Jennifer and Matthew Holm, the 52 episodes of "squish" follows the lives of everyday school kids, their friendships, parents, and efforts to fit in, centering on the adventures of a twinkie-eating grade school amoeba.  

Set in Small Pond, Squish’s hometown looks suspiciously like an ordinary suburb, with its tidy streets, schools, and home, with just one small difference: Small Pond is inhabited solely by single-celled organisms.  "This unique slapstick comedy is perfectly timed as younger viewers try to navigate their way through this pandemic, especially as all the central characters in the series are extremely ‘endearing’ amoeba, viruses and bacteria," Levy said.