19 DEC 2023

Movistar Plus+ to premier "Galgos" next month

The original Movistar Plus+ series produced by Buendía Estudios will hit the platform on 18 January 2024.

19 DEC 2023

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Movistar Plus+ will premiere original series "Galgos" on 18 January. The original Movistar Plus+ series, produced by Buendía Estudios is set to debut on 18 January, 2024. 

Directed by Félix Viscarret and Nely Reguera, with a script by Clara Roquet, Francisco Kosterlitz, Pablo Remón, and Lucía Carballal, filming for "Galgos" took place in various locations in Cantabria, Madrid, and Brussels. Movistar Plus+ International will be handling the international sales of the series. The series boasts a cast led by Adriana Ozores, Argentine actor Oscar Martínez, Marcel Borràs, Patricia López Arnaiz, María Pedraza, Jorge Usón, Francesco Carril, Luis Bermejo, and Daniela Estay.

The business and family drama revolves around the Somarriba family and the Galgo Group, a food giant that has seen three generations grow within its ranks. The title revolves around individuals who, in a desperate struggle to maintain control over their lives, resort to juggling acts to save the family business, sustain their lifestyle, or preserve emotional ties.

Featuring a cast of renowned actors such as Goya Award winner Adriana Ozores, argentinian Goya Award winner Oscar Martínez, Marcel Borràs, Goya Award winner Patricia López Arnaiz, María Pedraza, Jorge Usón, Francesco Carril, Goya Award nominee Luis Bermejo, and Daniela Estay, the title highlights the crisis in the industry, exacerbated by internal corruption, pressure from white-label brands, the threat of new regulations promoting healthier eating and the potential closure of the group's oldest factory, triggering a series of events that will shake the foundations of the Somarriba family. Loyalty, love, trust and family must now confront betrayal, selfishness, control and deceit.