Movistar Plus+'s "Bellas Artes" to premier on Star+ in Latin America

The title created by Andrés Duprat, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat.


The original Movistar Plus+ series, "Bellas Artes," produced by Gloriamundi and Historias Particulares, will arrive on the platform in 2024, as well as on Star+ in Latin America. "Bellas Artes" is created by Andrés Duprat, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. With multiple international awards, the three creators have approached throughout their filmography themed art and culture with great sophistication. His latest films include 'Official Competition', 'The man next door' and 'The distinguished citizen'. They are also behind television series such as 'The Boss' or 'Nada', available in Latin America on Star+.

The 30-minute six-episodes show is a comedy that, through a series of stories and characters around the management of a museum of contemporary art, shows a stark reflection of society and allows viewers to reflect on the problems and contradictions of today’s world. Oscar Martínez, Ángela Molina, Ana Wagener, Dani Rovira, Ludwika Paleta and Jorge López, among others, are part of the spectacular cast. In addition to the special participation, among others, of José Sacristán.

In "Bellas Artes," Antonio Dumas, a prestigious, intellectual, sophisticated, though also rather cynical and conceited art historian and cultural manager, is appointed director of an important museum of modern art in Madrid after winning a contest for that position. In this new position he will have to deal with a variety of different circumstances and conflicts, which range from trade union problems and political pressures to surreal situations involving exhibitions and artists, in the midst of the unusual fauna that inhabits the art world.


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