25 SEP 2020


The streamer is collaborating with some of Korea’s top sitcom creators. The show, produced by Mystic Story, is scheduled to premier globally on Netflix.


Netflix confirmed approval for the production of “So Not Worth It.” The streaming giant is currently working with some of Korea’s most popular sitcom creators. The new Korean original series will be produced by Mystic Story, and is set to debut globally on Netflix. 

The show will be created by Kwon Ik-joon, a sitcom heavyweight who has shaped the landscape of Korean style sitcoms. Kwon will team up with another seasoned producer Kim Jung-sik (Smashing on Your Back, High Kick), while the screenplay will be co-written by Seo Eun-jung and Baik Ji-hyun.

The sitcom showcases the youthful adventures of students with multicultural backgrounds who live in a college dorm. The cast of residents, who come from all over the world, has also been confirmed.

In the series, Park Se-wan will play her namesake character, a Korean resident advisor in charge of the dorm. Rookie actor Shin Hyeon-seung will play Jamie, a mysterious newcomer. Choi Young-jae from the K-pop boy band GOT7 plays Sam, the son of the CEO of a global food chain based in Australia. Minnie of the K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE will play the role of a student from Thailand with K-drama fever. The model-turned-actor Han Hyun-min who frequently appears in Korean variety shows will play an unfortunate Korean student who is eager to live in the dorm as he has to commute for long hours every day.