21 APR 2023

Roku launches new Spanish-speaking Originals for The Roku Channel

Roku announced that it is expanding its Roku Originals lineup to include new series “Carpe DM with Juanpa,” “Desde La Raíz,” “Serenata De Las Estrellas,” and “La Divina Comida.”

21 APR 2023

Juanpa Zurita

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Roku announced that it is expanding its Roku Originals lineup to include new series “Carpe DM with Juanpa,” starring and executive produced by Juanpa Zurita; “Desde La Raíz,” which explores the origins and meaning of quintessential Mexican products; “Serenata De Las Estrellas,” a feel-good series that beautifully captures how music can lift us up; and “La Divina Comida,” a show where celebrities open their homes to a group of fellow competitor celebrities as they face off to prove who is the best dinner party host.

Additionally, Roku announced and set release dates for brand-new Spanish-language Roku Original series “Batalla en Abuela’s Kitchen” (June 9) and “Un Millón de Gracias” (August 11), the third season of English-language Roku Original series “Thanks a Million,” executive produced by Jennifer Lopez.

“The deep engagement we have seen within the Spanish-language content category on The Roku Channel in the United States, as well as the exceptional growth of the service in Mexico, are all signs of the strong appetite for free ad-supported streaming amongst Spanish-speaking and bilingual audiences. We are committed to delivering high-quality, culturally relevant original programming to tens of millions of viewers, and we are thrilled to welcome such an exceptional new group of on-camera and off-camera creative voices to our Roku Originals lineup,”  said David Eilenberg, Head of Content at Roku Media.

The new projects further enhance Roku’s Spanish-language original programming and complement the overall growth of Spanish content consumption on The Roku Channel. Spanish-language programming on The Roku Channel was streamed by more unique households than any free, ad-supported standalone app for Spanish-language content on the Roku platform in the United States (Q4 2022). In the second half of last year, Roku’s Spanish-language Roku Originals made Roku a top-three Spanish-language content provider by reach on The Roku Channel. In fact, Mexico is The Roku Channel’s largest international market.