Studios 100 International launched a new YouTube channel

"Studio 100 – Heroes of Childhood" is focused on the teens and young adults audiences who watched the studios' series during their childhoods.

13 MAY 2024

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Studio 100 International debuted its "Studio 100 – Heroes of Childhood" YouTube channel. Launched in early April, the channel is dedicated to whisking teens and young adults away on a nostalgic and fun adventure. Many of the characters and series gathered under this brand will be familiar to the target audience from their childhood: "Maya the Bee," "Heidi," "Vic the Viking," "Alice in Wonderland," "Pinocchio," and "Sindbad the Sailor", among others. Initially launching in German, the project is to gradually introduce more languages.

In addition to numerous clips from the original series of the ‘70s and ‘80s, there will be new content uploaded each week including character specials, shorts, and compilations. The "crazy clips" breathe fresh life into iconic moments, reimagined with a modern twist for enjoyment not just on YouTube but TikTok as well. 

"The wave of retro vibes is gaining unstoppable momentum as a fashion trend," stated Joachim Knödler, Head of Licensing at Studio 100 International. "Our timeless brands and characters offer a comforting presence in an ever-changing world, evoking memories of simpler, joyous times. They serve as a bridge connecting our shared past with the vibrant present, inspiring new generations and rekindling cherished memories."

In conjunction with the launch of these social media channels, Studio 100 International is introducing a "Heroes of Childhood" fashion collection featuring cool and cheeky designs. This fashion line is available on prominent online platforms including Zalando, About You, OTTO, limango, Amazon Fashion, as well as on the dedicated online store.