18 JUN 2020


The digital platform presented the new series during Summer Insights of Beta Film, who will be in charge of the distribution of the title outside of Spain and the United States.


During Summer Insights of Beta Film, Movistar+ presented the new original series “Tell me Who I Am,” based on the global bestseller “Dime Quién Soy,” by Julia Navarro, which has more than one million copies sold in 18 countries. The 9x50' original scripted series is a co-production between Movistar+, Telemundo and DLO Producciones, and will be released at the end of 2020 on Movistar+ in Spain and Telemundo in the United States. Beta Film will be in charge of the distribution of the title outside of Spain and the US.

“It’s a very ambitious show in terms of scope, production, and actors,” said Domingo Corral, Director of Original Productions of Films and Series at Movistar+. “Tell me Who I am” was created by José Manuel Lorenzo, directed by Eduard Cortés ("Merlí") and written by Piti Españo.

The series was filmed in nine countries across more than 300 locations. “It was the most difficult work I have done in my life,”  Lorenzo assured. “The most important thing was to find the right director, who was able to run this amazing project. It was really lucky to count with Edward Cortez, who did such a tremendous job, and I'm so proud of him. Also, if you see the series, you understand that the only person who can play Amelia Garayoa is Irene Escolar. We built a big team to do this series,”  he asserted.

“’Tell me Who I Am’ is the most important project of my career and the one that has given me the greatest opportunities to expand my work and my creative work, and also the one that has given me the most satisfaction”,  Cortés declared. “It is a very important project, both visually and dramatically, due to the historical and geographical framework in which we operate. The series was filmed in many different countries, offering many visual opportunities. There is a central character that takes us through the story, which is that of Amelia Garayoa.”, he explained.

Irene Escolar (“The Laws Of Thermodynamics”, “The Skin Of The Wolf”) is set to star as Amelia Garayoa, with the story following her various romantic relationships through some of the most important events of twentieth-century Europe – from the Franco uprising and the liberation of Berlin to the communist boom in Stalin’s Moscow, the barbarity of the Warsaw ghettos, Rome during the last years of the Duce and the decline of Nazi Germany in occupied Athens. “It’s the biggest challenge of my career and it was a huge responsibility”,  the actress expressed.

On the other hand, Christian Gockel, EVP International Sales and Acquisitions at Beta Film, has affirmed that Spanish products still travel a lot. “There is a huge demand for Spanish products and this is something very very unique,” he said. "The series was pre-sold to HBO for Latin America and we have had many negotiations with different pay and free TV channels,”  he added.


Madrid, 1998. A man by the name of Albert James leaves a thick biography on the desk of Javier, a successful publisher. It is the story of Javier's mother he never knew, Amelia Garayoa. Before fate can finally reunite mother and son, Amelia will have taken a long journey, starting in tumultuous Madrid of 1934. First forced into marriage, then with her newborn baby taken from her, well-off Amelia meets Pierre, a charismatic young French journalist, and revolutionary whom Amelia accompanies to Buenos Aires out of love and sheer lust for adventure. There, opera diva Carla Alessandrini takes Amelia under her arm, becoming the young Spanish woman's surrogate mother and best friend. Amelia's lifelong personal, romantic, and political journey as a spy for a noble cause eventually takes her full circle back home to Madrid – but not before life-changing experiences every step of the way in Moscow, London, Rome, Paris, and Berlin.

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