ViX+ presents first young adult thriller

The show is produced by El Estudio, created by Antón Goenechea and directed by Roger Gual.


“Marea Alta” is the first ViX+ Original young adult thriller. The series is produced El Estudio, founded by Pablo Cruz. The show was created, written and directed by a team award-winning creators, including Ariel Award-winning Spanish screenwriter Antón Goenechea (‘Luis Miguel, La Serie’,” “Perdida”); Spanish Goya Award-winning director Roger Gual (‘Las Chicas del Cable’); and renowned directors Gabriel Mariño (‘Un Mundo Secreto’) and Michelle Garza (‘Huesera’). The series script was also written by Gerardo Lechuga and Natalia Bermúdez

"'Marea Alta’ is a gripping whodunnit thriller crafted by an incredible team, which will resonate with the Hispanic audience by speaking authentically to them", said Antón Goenechea, showrunner and screenwriter. "It was a pleasure working with ViX+, a true supporter of our vision and many creative decisions along the way. We are proud of what we made together, and we are proud to introduce excellent young Mexican talent to the world with this captivating young adult series". 

The cast features Cassandra Ciangherotti (‘Las Horas Contigo’), Raúl Méndez (‘Paramédicos’), Antonio López (‘Narcos México’), Susana Zabaleta, Fermín Martínez and Gustavo Sánchez Parra. The ViX+ series also showcases new, fresh faces on the screen who bring the characters to life, including Giovanna Utrilla, Matías Gruener, Alejandro Porter, Alejandro Flores, Leidi Gutiérrez, and Jesica Vite.

The disappearance of Mia, a young cyber activist, dedicated to denouncing the injustices around her, will shake the uneventful city of Ensenada to its foundation. Overseeing the case is the enigmatic new detective who suspects that any of the people surrounding Mia might have had motives to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Pau, Mia's best friend, will dive into the deepest sewers of the city along with Greg, David, Beto, and Cruz to find answers about her friend’s disappearance.