Vix+ to exclusively premiere a new series, "Presencias"

The trailer, along with key art for the film, directed and produced by Luis Mandoki, will be presented at this year's Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on 11 September.

6 SEP 2022

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Vix+ has confirmed the debut of "Presencias" tomorrow, 7 September,  exclusively in the U.S. and Mexico. The service will also unveil the world premiere of the trailer and key art of this anticipated film that will have a private screening set for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on 11 September. Directed and produced by Luis Mandoki, "Presencias" will star Goya Award winner Alberto Ammann and mark the return of Academy Award nominee Yalitza Aparicio to films. Rounding out the cast of this anticipated thriller is Gerardo Taracena, Angelina Peláez, Daniel Mandoki, Fermín Martínez, Armando Hernández, Marco Treviño, and Norma Pablo.

The title shows Victor, a young and famous actor, as he attempts to conquer his mission of selling an old cabin for his family. He returns with his beloved wife Alicia to the place where he and his family spent countless happy times during their childhood; but where family happiness was cut short when as a child, he witnessed the death of his younger sister who, swimming in the lake, drowned despite his efforts to rescue her. Returning to the cabin fills him with memories of pain and fear kept inside, and he begins to suffer from strong nightmares.

The first night in the cabin, during a strong storm, Victor prepares a romantic evening with Alicia, who in turn plans to give him a beautiful and great surprise that will change their lives. But just when she is ready to do so, they are both brutally attacked by something or someone. Victor, determined not to rest until he knows who killed the love of his life and his son, begins to live nightmare moments that gradually turn into supernatural terrors. This journey will lead him to realize that the truth is even more terrifying than his worst nightmares.

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