Canneseries 2024: "Maxima" to close the "Out of Competition" program

The series tells the life story of the Argentinian-born Dutch Queen Máxima. It is based on the book "Máxima Zorreguieta: Motherland" by Marcia Luyten, published by De Bezige Bij.

19 MAR 2024

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To close its Out of Competition program, Canneseries invites the audience to discover "Maxima", the adventure of Queen Máxima. Argentinian star Delfina Chaves will be in Cannes to introduce this drama, which has been dubbed 'the new The Crown' by Variety – a comparison also made by the Daily Mail. 

It´s a six-hour series produced by the Dutch company Millstreet Films’ Royal and commissioned by the also Dutch RTL Videoland for the Netherlands. It will be available on RTL Netherlands streamer Videoland starting from April 20 and is produced by Rachel van Bommel of Millstreet Films, in co-production with the Belgian company FBO and Beta Film, with the support of the Dutch Film Fund Production Incentive, the Creative Europe MEDIA program, and the Belgian Tax Shelter.

The series is based on the book "Máxima Zorreguieta: Motherland" by Marcia Luyten, published by De Bezige Bij. Beta Film has previously sold the series to Warner Bros. Discovery for Latin America, Germany’s RTL, Croatia's HRT, ORF for Austria, Israel's Hot, Latvia's LV1, and Slovakia.

From the moment  Argentine Máxima appears at the Dutch Crown Prince's side, she finds herself in the spotlight. But when Willem-Alexander asks her to marry him, the past catches up with her. Heated discussions erupt about her father's political career in the Argentinian Videla regime – something she never faced in her own circles. Can Maxima stay true to herself without giving up her family – or do these things not go together?
Directed by Saskia Diesing, Joosje Duk, and Iván López Núñez, "Máxima" was shot over the course of last summer in New York, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The script was written by Marnie Blok, Ilse Ott, Judith Goudsmit, Diede Zillinger Molenaar, Sytske Kok, and Marcela Guerty.