29 MAY 2023

Annecy 2023: A record number of Hungarian projects will participate at the Festival

"Four Souls of Coyote" competes for the Annecy Crystal, while in Contrechamp competition, "White Plastic Sky", "Toldi" and Czech-Slovak-Hungarian co-production "Tony", and "Shelly And The Magic Light" will be on show.


"Four Souls of Coyote"


Annecy Festival 2023 will present a record number of Hungarian projects from different production companies and reknonw directors. "Four Souls of Coyote" competes for the Annecy Crystal, while in Contrechamp competition, "White Plastic Sky", "Toldi" and Czech-Slovak-Hungarian co-production "Tony" and "Shelly and The Magic Light" will be on show.

On the other hand, Anna Flóra Buda’s "27" will be presented in the official program of short of films, while "Fox Tossing" by Zénó Kristóf Mira will compete in the Graduation Films program. 2016 festival success, "Superbia" by Luca Tóth will also be presented. Annecy Classics will present the 4K restored version of the French-Hungarian coproduction "Time Masters" (1982, Les Maitres du temps) by René Laloux.

By presenting the magical world of Native American folklore, the "Four Souls of Coyote" explores the issues of the climate crisis, when a company and the natives come face to face over the laying of oil pipelines. The community protesting for its home recalls the creation story and through the adventures of the mythical Coyote, brings the wisdom of the Indigenous people close to the audience, showing that it is easier to shape the future in the right direction by listening to the experiences of the past. "Four Souls of Coyote" was produced by Réka Temple, Cinemon Entertainment.

"Toldi" is the last work of legendary animation film director Marcell Jankovics who died in 2021. "Toldi", is the animation adaptation of the epic poem by famous Hungarian poet János Arany, written in 1846. It tells the story of Miklós Toldi, an impulsive stripling who commits a careless murder and is forced to go into hiding. He sets out for Buda to dazzle the king with his courage and daring, and he earns both the ruler’s mercy and a knighthood. The full-length animated feature follows Toldi on a journey full of adventures and intrigue between brothers, until young Toldi finally faces the great test, when he wins the recognition he has so long craved before the king. "Toldi" was co-directed by Lajos Csákovics, and produced by Ferenc Mikulás by legendary Kecskemétfilm.

"White Plastic Sky" premiered at the Berlinale earlier this year, is a new rotoscoped take on climate crisis by Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó. The futuristic hand-drawn animation is set in Budapest in 2123, in a world destroyed by human activity and overpopulation. To save the planet and the human race, a system has been put in place under which on turning 50, people are transported to a mysterious place called the plantation, where they are gradually transformed into trees. When the protagonist discovers his wife has voluntarily gone to the plantation ahead of her time, he sets off on a quest to get her back. The film was produced Salto Films, József Fülöp, Artichoke S.R.O., Orsolya Sipos, Juraj Krasnohorsky.