31 MAR 2023

Canneseries 2023: "Nine Times Fired," the new Korean drama highlight

From MooAm Productions, the series will be presented at the Korean OTT Showcase on April 17.

31 MAR 2023

"Nine Times Fired"

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MooAm Productions has announced the selection of their new Korean drama "Nine Times Fired" for the Korea OTT Showcase category at the Cannes International Series Festival. The original series will be featured to international buyers and investors at Korean OTT Showcase on April 17.

This dark comedy, exploring the 2023 global layoff frenzy, tells the story of Jeong Gyuji, who has been fired from nine jobs. The series has received praise for reflecting the true stories and realism of millennials and young people who approach their jobs with a passion lessness.

The nine jobs portrayed in the drama were captured through interviews with real-life workers and stories that have become memes in the internet community. This unique approach has earned "Nine Times Fired" several awards, including Best Film at the 2023 New York International Film Awards™ (NYIFA), Rome International Movie Awards, and Halicarnassus Film Festival, along with a nomination for the Toronto International Women's Film Festival. MooAm Production is currently in the post-production stage of the same-named work for OTT distribution.

Director Na Han-seok, who co-directed the film, said, "I tried to capture the episodes I heard over drinks with my friends as real as possible." MooAm Production plans to complete production on the project in the first half of this year, followed by a spin-off of "Nine Times Fired", titled "Six Times Belly Up," in the second half of 2023.

Director Harry Hyun stated that the "Multiple Times series is a milestone brand for MooAm Production, and the company plans to produce an omnibus production of military culture, plastic surgery craze, and other uniquely Korean themes to build a solid IP (intellectual property)."

"Nine Times Fired" showcases the possibility of trying something new even with a low budget and presents a young lady with strong 'resilience' who keeps getting back up after failures. The series' inclusion in the Korea OTT Showcase at Cannes International Series Festival highlights the potential contents and the global appeal of Korean content.