16 SEP 2021

France tv distribution steps up its dramatic bet for Mipcom

The company will launch the psychological thriller "Two Summers" and the science-fiction crime series "Vortex" at the Cannes event.

16 SEP 2021

"Two Summers"

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France tv distribution will launch two new drama series in the next Mipcom. The company will present "Two Summers" and "Vortex" at the Cannes event that will be held from October 11 to 14. The French distributor will be working on the international distribution of the two drama series with the Belgian production company Panenka, which produces the psychological thriller "Two Summers", for VRT/Eén, in co-production with Netflix, and Quad Drama, which produces the science-fiction crime series"Vortex" for France Télévisions.

France tv distribution will be working for the first time with a Flemish producer on the international distribution of a drama series "Two Summers" that will air on VRT/Eén in 2022 and will appear on Netflix later on. It will be distributed globally by France tv distribution afterwards.

"Two Summers" tells the story of a group of friends who get together thirty years after one of the group members died in a tragic accident while they were on holiday. What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation changes rapidly into a nightmare, when some of the friends are blackmailed with footage from that terrible week three decades ago. The screenplay is written by Tom Lenaerts and Paul Baeten Gronda.

"Vortex" consisting of six 52-minute episodes, is crime thriller mini-series with a touch of fantasy that was written by Camille Couasse and Sarah Farkas based on an idea from best-selling author Frank Thilliez. "Vortex" takes place in the near future (2025) and Tomer Sisley plays the role of Ludovic, a police captain from Brest, in northwestern France.

It’s the year 2025. Ludovic is the police captain for the French city of Brest. Twenty-seven years ago, he lost the love of his life, Mélanie, in what appeared to be a tragic mundane accident. But while studying a reconstructed VR crime scene, he stumbles upon a time warp that turns his life upside down: thanks to a glitch, he’s able to communicate with Mélanie, just a few days before her death, in 1998. Moving heaven and earth to try to save her from her fate by stopping her murderer, Ludovic is in danger of losing his own life in the present, along with his wife Parvana and their son Sam.