24 MAY 2023

Italy launches a new market focused on TV seriality: Matera Fiction

The first edition of international TV Series conference will be held from 1-4 June 2023 and will contain a specific focus on Latin America and the Mediterranean region.

24 MAY 2023

Matera Fiction

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The first edition of Matera Fiction, the International observatory, and conference dedicated to TV seriality, will be held in southern Italy from June 1st through 4th. The event is organized in collaboration with the Region Basilicata and the Matera Municipality and Province. Matera Fiction aims to promote trends, topics, stories, settings, and heroes of the International TV series scenes. "The idea is to open an exclusive cultural window on the global industry. TV series gained extraordinary success among the global audience in the last decade. They enhanced their role in pop culture. Series are now top-rated among the public when broadcasted on traditional television and when streamed on digital platforms," affirmed Giuseppe Papasso, the organizer of the event in an exclusive talk with Señal News.

TV seriality is analyzed during the event through keynotes, panel discussions, exhibitions, music performances, and “food & television” themed events to stimulate the taste of an authentic international series experience. "Italy is missing an event that involves professionals promoting recurring themes and trends, heroes, locations, stories, and characters of the global TV Series industry," he asserted.

This first edition, with a rich and diverse program, will overlook the production of Latin America and the Mediterranean. "This year we invited producers and directors of TV Globo, one of the leading media companies worldwide, producing around 2.400 hours of entertainment annually in Brazil. Through its network, it covers 98.6% of the Brazilian territory. With 122 channels broadcasting to over 183 million people, TV Globo can reach out to 99.5% of the potential audience in Brazil, representing almost the whole Brazilian population. Turkey is becoming the leading country in TV Series production in the Mediterranean area. Scriptwriters and actors from Ay Yapin, one of the major Turkish production companies, will be our guests. Ay, Yapin's content has been distributed worldwide," described Papasso.

A full panel rounds up speakers from Turkey, Algeria, and Tunisia to line out the TV production in the Mediterranean and provide new perspectives of collaborations with the Middle East and Northern Africa Region. "An interesting TV series industry is forming in Tunisie and Algeria, which didn't have a tradition in TV production. Next year Matera Fiction will focus on European production, the US, China and Japan," he anticipated.

The event is also aimed at facilitating connections with Italian professionals, which is gathering in Matera with representatives from the top industry players Rai, Mediaset, and Sky. Thanks to the opportunities in the Country with exclusive funding and the tax credit of up to 40%, Italy is now a great partner to co-produce with and Matera Fiction wants to provide a new high-quality platform for new connections.

"The film and TV industry highly appreciates Matera. Production companies can find interesting locations here and a welcoming city—a fascinating place that is able to inspire authors and creatives. The city offers a magical atmosphere that attracted numerous Italian and international directors over the years. From the 50s till today, we can mention Roberto Rossellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, the Taviani brothers, Francesco Rosi, Mel Gibson, and Patty Jenkins. Among Matera's latest large productions, we had the 007 movies 'No Time to Die.' We can also remember that the Coppola family is originally from Bernalda, on the outskirts of Matera," he concluded.

"Italy is missing an event that involves professionals promoting recurring themes and trends, heroes, locations, stories, and characters of the global TV Series industry,"” Giuseppe Papasso Matera Fiction organizer