Top French animation studio is attending the kids market with "Winter is Here"¸"Tiny Island" and "Ninn", executive produced by Corinne Kouper, leading female Producer and Studio boss in France and with Emmy awarded Mary Bredin as creative development.


Corinne Kouper, SVP Development and Production at TeamTO


Founded in 2005 by Guillaume Hellouin, Corinne Kouper and Caroline Souris, TeamTO is France’s leading CGI studio renowned for outstanding quality and award-winning series. With offices in LA, Toronto and Beijing, and state of the art studios in Paris and in Bourg-Lès-Valence, TeamTO boasts a team of over 400 creative executives, artists and staff.

TeamTO’s premium productions have been broadcast on top kids channels across the globe, from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel to Netflix, TF1 and Super RTL. These include their own original Emmy-nominated IP "Angelo Rules", "Mighty Mike", "Presto! School of Magic", "My Knight and Me", "Oscar’s Oasis", and the feature film "Yellowbird", as well as eOne’s "PJ Masks" and "Ricky Zoom"; Activision Blizzard’s "Skylanders Academy"; Disney’s "Sofia the First" and "Elena of Avalor"; Ubisoft’s "Rabbids Invasion"; among many others.

TeamTo executives Guillaume Hellouin, President & CEO; Corinne Kouper, SVP Development and Production; Patricia de Wilde, Director of Marketing and New Business; Mary Bredin, Creative Development Producer and Lenora Hume, MD TeamTO LA are attending Kidscreen virtually with three powerful IP's produced in France, in their own two studios: "Winter Is Here"¸"Tiny Island" and "Ninn".

Corinne Kouper highlighted “We love our annual trip to Kidscreen which is a great market for developing our core business: the creation and production of original, one of a kind content. We can connect with existing and potential new partners for collaboration on our busy studio slate; we look for new creative talent - writers, illustrators, directors, musicians - for our projects; and we sell shows from our catalogue to buyers.” “Kidscreen brings together all the different players needed to develop, produce and sell programming. This year in particular, we are more eager than ever to ‘see’ our clients on the exchange platform, and  present three very different shows in development: ‘Tiny Island’ for preschoolers, ‘Ninn’, a family oriented limited series based on a graphic novel; and ‘Winter Is Here’, a trio of winter themed specials based on kids books, for home viewers and theaters,"  Kouper added.

"Winter Is Here" (1x20; 3x5; 1x20) are a three Animated Holiday Specials executive produced by Corinne Kouper and with Emmy awarded Mary Bredin as creative development. A set of three enchanting winter-themed specials based on popular children’s books: "Fox Garden" "Something’s Fishy" and "Snowy".

Another great TeamTo title offered in Kidscreen is the preschool series "Tiny Island" (52x11) currently in development. Corinne Kouper is the Executive Producer; Mary Bredin the Creative Development and Guillermo Garcia Carsi, the Director. "Tiny Island" is indeed tiny compared to other islands in the ocean but she has a huge mission! When Tiny realized that not everyone can get to a secluded tropical island, she had a really great idea: instead of coming to Tiny... Tiny would come to them! So, Tiny left her remote part of the ocean to travel the world, sharing her different perspective, joy, and her chill attitude with any kid who needs a helping hand. Tiny’s a coach, helper and cheerleader- all rolled into one.

The third TeamTo title is "Ninn" (6xone hour) executive produced by Corinne Kouper and with Mary Bredin as creative development and currently in development.  Based on a series of original graphic novels by JeanMichel Darlot and Johan Pilet, "Ninn" is an ambitious animated limited series for the 7+ audience. Ninn is an 11-year-old Parisian girl with a mysterious connection to the Paris Metro and an unusual passion for the city’s underground world. She knows every nook and cranny of the Metro and skateboarding through its convoluted tunnels is definitely her favourite hobby. But Ninn has a million questions. Despite her dads’ annoying concerns, Ninn and the tiger explore every dark tunnel and abandoned station, eager to uncover the clues and connections she has been searching for her whole life.


We love our annual trip to Kidscreen which is a great market for developing our core business: the creation and production of original, one of a kind content. ” Corinne Kouper SVP Development and Production

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