K7 Media executives Ella Turner and Trang Nguyen joined the virtual media event to discuss noted entertainment trends amid the pandemic, which include guessing game formats, help and support-based programs, and escapism titles.


This year’s virtual LA screenings featured K7 Media’s Client Manager, Ella Turner, and the Asia Pacific Researcher, Trang Nguyen during its “K7's Entertainment Predictions for 2021” session, who discussed various projections and entertainment trends throughout Europe, US, and Asia for this year.

The executives, who collect data for international streaming platforms, distributions, producers, broadcasters, spot trends through a network of stringers, agreed one of the most surging trends involves guessing game formats. Koran Formats “The Masked Singer” and “I Can See Your Voice,” both of which have seen large figures of views and ratings, promote family-bond watching, social media engagement, and overall entertainment amid the pandemic. Other popular formats within the category include BBC’s “This Is My House” for BBC1 in the UK, where contestants must guess the correct homeowner for the property they are assigned to tour. NBC is currently considering an order for the format.

Problem-solving shows focused on providing help and support to its participants have also seen massive viewership amid the pandemic, including Be-Entertainment’s “Home Made Home” for VTM in Belgium during which couples are tasked with renovating a home and the one who wins takes home, a home! All3MediaInternational’s “Sort Your Life Out” on BB1, also serves as an example, in which experts help homeowners get rid of unnecessary belongings and rearrange the household. Fred Media’s “Space Invaders” on Nine Network in Australia offers a similar theme to “Sort Your Life Out,” while Primitive’s Reputation Rehab for ABC Australia, focuses on sorting out people-shaming personality traits to promote acceptance and kindness in the world. KBS’s “Come Back Home” in South Korea, was also mentioned as a successful title. Overall, the genre is expected to continue growing.

Escapism titles have also seen a surge in views, consisting mostly of fiction and classic shows. ITV and Nippon’s “Stacking It” serves as an example, as well as "Wall duet,” a musical game show which debuted on Workpoint TV shows a show in which a celebrity must guess who is singing. The show, formed in Thailand, has been sold to Vietnam, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands. Another Thai format is "Who Is My Chef," which tests its contestants' knowledge of cooking.

Cuatro and Fremantle's "Game Of Talents,” which saw a lot of success during their 2019 launches, has secured sales in Sweden, the UK, the US, Belgium, among others. Other popular titles that suggest spiking trends in the near future include “The Celeb Challenge” by Onza Dist. on Antena 3, the “Go-Big Show” on TBS by WBTVD featuring artist Snoop Dog,” Survive the 80s” in TVNZ in New Zealand by Primitives, and “Singing Across Generations” on Thairath TV in Thailand.