It is the untold story of the Cali Cartel, a drug empire whose operation reached more than 25 countries and which became the most powerful cartel in the world.

10 MAY 2021

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Caracol Television presents for the international market "The Cartel: The Origin", the untold story of the Cali Cartel; a drug empire whose operation reached more than 25 countries, becoming the most powerful cartel in the worldThis super series narrates the events that preceded the successful “The Cartel 1” and “The Cartel 2”, series that were seen around the world, sold to more than 180 countries.

Based on real events, it will maintain, at all times, the tension of the story that led its main characters to become the most wanted men by the main global authorities.

The dangerous Villegas brothers, heads of the dreaded Cali Cartel, will be, in their young stage, Juan Pablo Urrego (Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ) and Sebastian Osorio (Always a Witch), and in their adult years, Gustavo Angarita Jr. (The Black Widow) and Carlos Manuel Vesga (One Way Out).

They will carry the thread of a shocking story that will reveal, for the first time, the profiles of two men who climbed positions in the criminal universe, thanks to their great guile and ingenuity, until they became the owners and lords of the drug empire, waging an all-out war against other cartels, and influencing all decisions made by the government of their country.

Dago Garcia, VP of Production at Caracol Television, highlighted: “The Cartel: The Origin, was a production that we owed the audience for a long time. It’s a journey to the beginning of that scourge that transformed our society and that we reflect in The Cartel 1 and The Cartel 2. It’s the story of how a family ends up involved in the drug business and how this destroys any relationship and any sense of belonging. It’s an intense and crude series where, at times, the call for hope is filtered by those who dared to fight the drug lords in the south of the country”.

Lisette Osorio, Vice President of International Sales for Caracol Television, commented: “We know that there are stories that must be told to the world, and this is one of them. Today, we return with The Cartel, with a new story about events that marked a country and an era, and that maintains the plot line that put its predecessors in international vogue. A narrative full of shocking moments, which will surprise audiences by uncovering the reality behind a phenomenon that affected generations”.

“The Cartel: The Origin” was recorded in 4 units, in 4k quality with film optics and was shot 100% outdoors in Cali and Bogota. It has two casts, representing two historical periods of the Villegas family, from the 50s to the 80s. Its soundtrack maintains a high dose of salsa, characteristic of the context where the real history occurred in Valle del Cauca.

Its producer is Asier Aguilar (“Bolívar”, “The Queen and the Conqueror”, and “Surviving Escobar, Alias JJ) and it was directed by Jaime Rayo (Without breast there is no paradice), Camilo Villamizar (The Queen and the Conqueror), Carlos Mario Urrea (Undercover Law) and Unai Amuchastegui (The Secretary).