13 JAN 2021


The companies announced a development agreement for the premium series that will soon be available for the international market.


Caracol Television and Somos Productions present the premium series “Juegos Interrumpidos”, an exciting thriller packed with action and drama, created and developed by Fenix III, taking place in the universe of human trafficking, and more specifically, focusing on the theft of children for illegal adoption purposes. The series will soon be available for the international market.

In 12 episodes, “Juegos Interrumpidos” presents a powerful love story between a mother and her adoptive son. Karen, a young and successful blogger who is incapable of conceiving a child, accepts her husband´s proposal to adopt in Colombia. She discovers that her son, who was allegedly adopted legally, was actually kidnapped and had been destroyed psychologically to erase his true identity, leading her to engage in a dangerous adventure where she will have to deal with the consequences of entering the dark world of child trafficking. This story exposesone of today´s most shocking crimes, and hands out effective tools to the audience,enabling children and parents to identify the way in which these trafficking rings operate.

Lisette Osorio, International Sales VP at Caracol Television, stated: “We are very excited to join forces with new allies in our commitment to create universal storieswith the potential to reach every corner of the world. We have created a robust distribution model with Somos Productions designed to maximize benefits for both companies.”

Luis Villanueva, President and CEO of Somos Productions, highlighted: “Juegos Interrumpidos has the advantage of relying on solid partners with proven experience and expertise in the television business, in production and also in distribution. Besides the plot and format´s appeal, we are addressing contentconsumption trendsin all windows, and there is no doubt we will deliver an entertaining and interesting product with high production values.”

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