Caracol Televisión appointed three new executives

Hernando Paniagua, Márcio Guilherme Da Silva, and Esteban Guerrero joined the Colombian company with the purpose of advancing its strategy of transformation and innovation in the digital production and dissemination of content.

20 MAR 2024

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The Colombian company Caracol Televisión has incorporated three industry experts to its team. Hernando Paniagua, the new Vice President of Digital; Márcio Guilherme Da Silva, Vice President of New Business for Caracol Estudios and Streaming; and Esteban Guerrero, Data and Analytics Advisor, have joined the company with the aim of continuing its strategic plan for transformation and innovation in the creation and digital distribution of content.

Gonzalo Córdoba, President of Caracol TV, emphasized: "Caracol TV initiated its NUHO transformation process a year ago, under the newly formed Strategy and Transformation Office lead by Carlos Graham, to address the new trends in the media industry resulting from the impact of rapid digital expansion, which has forever changed how audiences interact with content. To meet this challenge, we have outlined four growth pillars for the next five years: enhancing our content creation capacity for the global Spanish-speaking market, content distribution on third-party platforms, direct-to-consumer distribution and aggregation, and multi-platform advertising. With these three additions to our team, we remain at the forefront of this transformative journey"

Hernando Paniagua brings 20 years of journalism experience, having served as the editor of El Tiempo's online version and Director of Digital Platforms at Caracol Televisión. He led the multimedia desk at EFE news agency in America, served as editor for Univision Deportes Digital, and managed Pulzo, a leading digital media outlet in Colombia.

Márcio Guilherme Da Silva, our Vice President of New Business Studios and Streaming, holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a bachelor's degree in Economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. With over 10 years in the Latin American media industry, Márcio has led and executed projects with major media companies as Accenture's Managing Director, specializing in content creation and production, digital channel/FAST programming, digital distribution strategy under B2C, B2B, and B2B2C models, and advertising monetization of digital inventories. Guilherme Da Silva will focus on launching the new businesses for studios and streaming.

Esteban Guerrero will support the development of the Analytics Center of Excellence. With over 30 years of expertise in data-driven digital marketing, innovation, e-commerce, and digital advertising, he has held various positions at Accenture Song, including Managing Director for Colombia and as a member of the global analytics committee.

Carlos Alejandro Pérez, Chairman of the Board of Caracol Television, said: "As industry leaders, we take on the paramount responsibility of staying at the forefront. We pledge to be pioneers in digital transformation, propelling innovation and pushing excellence to new horizons. Our role is to be the architects of the digital narrative, guiding our audience towards more thrilling and impactful television experiences. Together, we will forge a bold path into the future of television in the global Spanish-speaking market."