London TV Screenings: TVF International to feature 60 new hours of factual programming

The new offer includes "Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre"; "Bay of Blood: The Bangladesh Genocide"; "Australia’s Open", "Marlon Brando: In Paradise" and "AI & You," among others.


"Bay of Blood: The Bangladesh Genocide"


TVF International have unveiled their Winter slate ahead of their London TV Screenings Showcase event on February 28th, with over 60 new hours of factual programming on offer. TVF’s slate includes the ZDF/Arte commissioned "Supernova: The Music Festival Massacre" (1x32 / 1x52) from Gebrüder Beetz, which combines first responder and survivor testimony with eyewitness footage to provide a harrowing account of the October 7th massacre carried out by Hamas at the Supernova music festival.
Also in world affairs, TVF are launching "Bay of Blood: The Bangladesh Genocide" (1x96 / 2x50), which is the first full-length documentary to detail the events of the 1971 genocide of East Pakistan, leading to the creation of a new nation - Bangladesh.

Premium sports documentary from Good Thing Productions and Tennis Australia, "Australia’s Open" (2x45 / 1x90), which premiered on ABC and ESPN early this year, crowns TVF’s new slate. The film, from the award-winning producers of "The Australian Dream", goes inside the Grand Slam tournament for the first time - reliving its most electrifying moments and its most controversial.

In celebrity and biography, TVF are revealing the lesser-known side of a Hollywood icon in "Marlon Brando: In Paradise" (1x52) from Berlin Producers, in time for what would have been his 100th birthday. With exclusive access to his family and closest friends, this biography spotlights Brando’s passion for conservation, and his pioneering efforts to protect the endangered island of Tetiaroa in the Pacific.

Also looking beneath the surface are treasure hunting factual entertainment series "NZ Gold Diggers" (10x25) from Stripe Studios for Sky New Zealand, and the latest season of the BBC’s flagship archaeology programme, "Digging for Britain" (Series 11: 6x60) from Rare TV.

In Science, TVF’s slate includes RTÉ investigative documentary "AI & You" (1x60) from Animo TV, demystifying the effects of AI on everyday lives. Additionally, "Bending Light: Proving Einstein’s Theory of Relativity" (1x52 / 1x84) from Silo Entertainment, recreates a team of scientists’ attempt to prove Einstein’s most famous theory. Elsewhere, ARTE’s "The Secret Life of Bats" (1x43) from Blue Paw Artists, revealing the science behind a lowly species of grasshopper’s ability to evade one of the animal kingdom’s stealthiest hunters.

TVF are launching two food series on their Winter Slate, the second season of vegan travelogue "Eating Plants from Indie Village" (6x30), and food and culture series "Sour, Salty and Alive" (8x30) from Mediacorp, exploring the processes and culture of fermentation in Asia.

TVF’s slate in fact boasts eight exceptional new titles from Singapore-based Mediacorp, also including "MH370: A Decade On" (1x48) which investigates the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 and follows the victims’ families who are still desperate for answers, the award-winning "When Titans Clash", Series 3, which examines global power struggles between superpowers including the USA and China, and "Reaching the Unreached" (3x48) shadowing doctors working in the world’s most remote locations, where access to medical care is dangerously limited.